It’s Never Too Early To Start Thinking About Spring Break

Forget about the holidays! You only have eyes for the spring — Spring Break, that is. The countdown may be months away, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t been thinking about your vacation since the beginning of the fall semester. While it may feel like it’s taking forever to get here, there’s a silver lining to its sluggish arrival. Now you have the time to pack for your trip properly.

No, this isn’t a reminder that you need to roll your t-shirts to conserve space in your suitcase. This is an opportunity to load up your phone and tablet with all the necessary apps and accessories for your week in the sun. Equipped with the right ones your devices will take your Spring Break to a whole new level.

Not sure where to start? Let this guide introduce you to the apps and accessories every Spring Breaker needs.

TripIt — an itinerary assistant in app form

TripIt — an itinerary assistant in app form

It’s easy to fantasize about your week spent under the sun, but it’s a lot harder to organize everything so you can arrive at the beach. If you’re too busy hitting the books in the lead up to the break, then you might not have the time to monitor every step of your holiday.

Here’s where TripIt comes in handy. It’s an app that helps organize all the boring elements of your trip, so you don’t have to waste any more brain power than you have to by memorizing confirmation codes. Once you permit it to view your calendar and email, TripIt will arrange your travel documents and other important details of your trip in a convenient summary on your phone.

Scross World Traveller — a universal power adapter

Scross World Traveller — a universal power adapter

If you expect to take advantage of the apps mentioned above and below, you’re going to have to keep your phone or tablet fully charged throughout your trip. If you plan on leaving North America, you won’t be able to do that unless you have a universal power adapter in your luggage.

The world is divided into regions that use different outlet and plug formations. The charger that works back at home won’t work anywhere once you’ve left your home region. The Scross World Traveller fixes that issue for you by offering up the prongs you need in most major countries.

Hotel Tonight — a last-second trip saver

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is your ace in the hole when all your best-laid plans go south. Unlike TripIt above, you won’t want to use it at the start of your trip, but it’s an important app to have in the case of an emergency.

Hotel Tonight helps you find last-minute accommodations at a reasonable price, just in case something doesn’t go according to plan. Should you miss your flight and need a place to stay, or should you find out the luxury condo you booked through Airbnb is a bed bug infested bachelor, you can find a clean and affordable hotel nearby in as little as 10 seconds.

brand skins — personalized protection

dbrand skins — personalized protection

If you’re leaving your home region, then you’ll be dealing with jet lag. You aren’t the only one to feel the effects of desynchronosis. A week abroad can be hard on your devices, too. You rely on it for in-flight entertainment, organizing your trip, looking up reviews, exploring local maps, and booking a hotel — just to name several of its jobs.

If you plan to take your phone or tablet wherever your Spring Break takes you, wrap them up in a vinyl skin. The engineers (and part-time travelers) at dbrand have created a line of tailor-made skins for most Androids, iPhones, tablets, and iPads. These decals offer scratch, grime, and water resistance to any device it’s applied to, so go online to learn how to customize your favorite devices. For those who like to take daring selfies, you can complement your skin with a dbrand grip to make sure your phone stays in your hand no matter what position you find yourself in this Spring Break.

Trail Wallet — responsible traveling

Trail Wallet — responsible travelling

As a student, your money (re student debt) is always at the back of your mind wherever your studies take you — in class, at the library, or on the beach. Just because you managed to scrounge up enough money to take a trip this Spring Break doesn’t mean you can afford to live extravagantly for the entire week.

Trail Wallet helps you keep track of your spending as you escape campus for your holiday. It offers an easy way to put limits on your spending by inputting an allowance on certain categories of purchases. Once you permit it to see your accounts, Trail Wallet will let you know as soon as you’ve hit your limits, so you can avoid going home with no money left over for groceries.

You want to make the most out of your Spring Break, but you don’t want to compromise the rest of your year on campus. If you’re smart with your choices you won’t. Make sure you’re prepared for everything under the sun by getting the best apps and accessories for your trip. Start with this guide and branch out, packing your gadgets as tightly as your suitcases. Just remember to keep enough room for your selfies!

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