New Female Artists with Big Phoebe Bridgers Vibes

For a few years now, Phoebe Bridgers has been making her mark in the music industry, and it’s a pretty big mark. Whether playing solo or in the indie supergroup Boygenius, between her lush voice, deft touch on the guitar, and sophisticated songwriting, all you need to do is hear Bridgers briefly to understand why she has been nominated for so many 2024 Grammys.

In her relatively short time impacting the music scene, Bridgers has already spawned disciples, or at least several new female artists who sound like they’ve spent some time with her music. Let’s check out a few and explore their sounds.

Lila Drew

The precocious young singer-songwriter Lila Drew has already toured Europe, released a solo album called All the Places I Could Be, and become an indie darling in just the space of a few years. With over 40 million streams, Drew may not yet be a household name, but her poppy R&B music is spreading, as it should.

Drew writes songs about the moods and challenges she faces, such as anxiety and stress about relationships or growing up. She cites Frank Ocean as an inspiration, as he taught her a lot about writing honest lyrics. Musically, her songs tend to have a lightness or airiness that belies the serious topics she sings about. The juxtaposition helps make raw songs fun and danceable, yet the pop music has an edge, too.

Drew proves that you can be introspective without masking the lyrics with layered irony or detachment while creating poppy, good vibes playlist music that contains some brooding and even melancholy. After all, everyone experiences the ups and downs of life, and isn’t it better to go through down-times with not just an upbeat attitude but an upbeat beat?


The 23-year-old, London-based musician Beatrice Laus performs under the name Beabadoobee, and she is ascending the music scene quickly. In the years between 2018 and 2021, she released five extended plays or mini albums. The two full albums released since then, Fake it Flowers in 2020 and Beatopia in 2022, have both received critical acclaim.

Her star has risen since performing alongside Taylor Swift in her world-conquering Eras tour, but she will likely break out on her own. Her sultry voice and plainspoken lyrics are very touching. Lyrics in songs like “The Way Things Go” are directly about troubled relationships and parting ways, but the mood of the sound and accompanying music video are so pretty and poignant.

Beabadoobee’s music is only growing in quality as her popularity rises, so watch out.


Claire Cottrill, known professionally as Clairo, has grown much since recording her first song at the age of 13, a Maroon 5 cover. Clairo released an EP in 2013 based on her home recordings, but the music video for her song “Pretty Girl” went viral in 2017.

Clairo’s music has evolved, but the underlying relatable quality from her original lo-fi tunes is all still there, thankfully. Clairo fans are growing in number and are curious to see which direction the 25-year-old musician moves in and how she grows.

spill tab

Claire Chicha, who performs music under the name spill tab, is an LA-based artist with a knack for connecting with audiences. Her music has been dubbed “bedroom pop,” which is fitting, considering that’s where she makes many of her recordings.

Spill Tab’s voice is seductive and ethereal, but her songs have a driving quality to them. After gaining traction at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has since performed in major festivals like 2023’s SXSW, where she was described as one of the year’s “buzziest” artists.

Genres like “bedroom pop” or “lo-fi” are often associated with low-quality recording quality since the musicians often do it themselves without professional-grade equipment. However, spill tab’s recordings take this to another level, with layered vocals and more sophistication than you may expect.

Her music has also been noted for its “grimy late-night vibes” combined with the French and Korean influences that come to her naturally as a French-Korean artist. Many modern artists borrow or were influenced by, different sounds from around the world because of their background and because technology and affordable air travel make the world a smaller place — spill tab is modern in this sense, and now that she’s put out a handful of stellar tracks, we’re all excited to see what she does with a full album.

The internet has made it possible for a new generation of artists to create their songs and accompanying music videos and share them with the world. The above musicians may sound distinct from Phoebe Bridgers, but women singer-songwriters of this generation all share something in common, so it’s no wonder their fans overlap so much.

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