New Ways to Care for Your House Cat

Cats are clean and affectionate, and above all, they love to play and can offer you great company. It gives the owner great satisfaction to see their cat in a happy mood, and it’s for this reason that you should embrace new ways when taking care of the cat.

Here are a few strategies that you can employ in your home to keep your feline happy.


Cats enjoy milk and meat, but basically, they are carnivorous; this means that all their meals should have enough protein to sustain them. Ensure that you offer your pet friend the best quality cat food that’s suitable for its health status.

The necessary ingredient should be meat accompanied by other meals that cat fancy. Try and avoid products that are rich in rice or corn and consider offering your cat some dry food.

Some of the regular meals that pet owners provide their indoor cats tend to increase the chances of dental diseases; therefore, if they are indoors, you should consider reviewing their meals before purchasing from an online store. You want your cat to live a healthy and happy life; therefore, you must pick the best cat food to ensure that she gets all the necessary nutrients.

Some pet owners tend to overfeed their cats with fish; the meals lack enough fatty acids; therefore, one should consider revising the cat’s diet. Others tend to offer their pet cow milk; your cat will take the milk, but it’s not recommended. Avoid offering your cat processed meats such as sausages and never give your cat chocolate, avocado, alcohol, or cooked bones.

The cat’s house

Your cat should have a clean and dry place to rest. Ensure that you place a warm towel or blanket on the cat’s bed and air the bedding regularly. Outdoor cats are prone to catfights and trauma that they experience from being driven around. With this in mind, you should be aware that your outdoor cat could be infested with ticks or fleas; therefore, they are at risk of getting some infectious disease. For this reason, ensure that their bedding is clean at all times.

Providing Vaccinations

Depending on your cat’s health status and age, you should be aware that she needs regular vaccinations. Contact your local veterinarian and inquire about the right injection for your feline.

Grooming techniques

Cats are known to be clean, and you might assume that your friend doesn’t need a bath. Well, always have a comb on standby, that you use for brushing the cat’s fur. Regular combing will minimize fur shedding, and reduce hairball incidents, and your cat’s coat will be clean at all times.

The cat’s health

Ensure that your cat visits the veterinary at least twice every year. Your cat needs to be examined, and there are some annual shots that your pet friend should never miss. Besides, you might fail to realize that your cat is injured or sick, but the veterinarian is experienced in determining your pet’s health status.

Cat Scratching

This might be new to you, but your cat needs some scratching every once in a while. When scratching, your cat pulls off the outer nail sheath and exposes the smoother claws that lie underneath. Provide your pet friend with a scratching post that’s two feet tall. Ensure that the post is stable such that it never wobbles. It should also be covered with some rough material such as burlap.

Identification Tags

If you have an outdoor cat, always ensure that you dress them with an ID tag and a safety collar. The safety collar that has an elastic panel allows your cat to free herself whenever she is caught up when playing. Both indoor and outdoor cats require either an implanted microchip or an ID tag. Such measures will ensure the safe return of your pet whenever she gets lost since a stranger might contact you if they spot a stranded cat.

Litter Trays

Your cat needs a clean litter tray whenever she is in the house. Train your cat on how to use the litter tray from when she is young and always ensure that you sanitize it. Place the tray in a cool place that’s away from the feeding point. In case you have several cats, each cat will need its tray; therefore, provide the right number.

Your cat might need a special litter tray, while others would need cleaning several times during the day; therefore, consider this when purchasing the litter trays. Remember that a frustrated cat will help herself anywhere; thus, it’s your responsibility to provide a suitable spot.

Litter Trays

Generally, a cat is one of the best pets, you could ever house in your home. It’s advisable to keep your cat comfortable, and with the above strategies, you are sure to have a happy cat. Consider applying one of the above strategies and notice the improvement in your cat’s behavior.

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