No More Pet Peeves: How To Make Your Vacation Rental Pet-Friendly?

The vacation rental market has captured the travel industry. With the rising popularity of vacation rentals among travelers, vacation rental owners are having the time of their lives. To live up to the expectations of travelers, they are leaving no stone unturned. 

With their well-curated quality offerings, they have managed to register their name under every category known to the hospitality industry. Moreover, they are available everywhere. Now, it has become a cakewalk to find exotic beach houses overlooking the lively Miami Beach, high-rise apartments in Houston, TX, defining luxury and comfort, and cozy cabins amidst the majestic Pikes Peak. 

One of the most in-demand categories is pet-friendly rentals. With approx 78 percent of Americans traveling with their pet each year, vacation rentals are determined to offer a hassle-free stay to pet owners. If you are yet to explore this territory, take a cue from the tips shared here to make your vacation rental pet-friendly.

Invest in pet-friendly flooring 

You can’t stop your furry guest from scratching the floor to their heart’s content, which makes pet-friendly flooring a wise investment. 

Flooring options like vinyl, cork, bamboo, linoleum, laminate, hardwood, tile, and stone are resistant to scratch and stains and look good. Furthermore, Berber carpets work great for long-haired dogs, and polypropylene carpets keep you from stressing over stains. 

Get pet-friendly sofa 

Pets enjoy relaxing on plush sofas and chairs. Hence, taking care of upholstery becomes a task. 

Using heavy and tightly woven fabrics emerges as a convenient option. Using fabric protectors also protects the expensive upholstery against stains. Other options include using dog covers, bright colors and bold patterns to conceal stains, etc. 

If you wish to use leather, make sure you get soft grains. 

Keep pet toys 

Most pets are highly strung when traveling. They tend to get nervous and bad-tempered. Hence, keeping them distracted becomes a necessity. 

Make it a point to provide plenty of pet toys at your properties to distract irritated pets. Provide dog and cat toys, scratching posts, bones, and treats to your guests to keep them happy and comfortable. With this, you can also keep them from chewing on your expensive furniture.

Provide pet supplies 

It might not be possible for your guests to travel with all the pet supplies to keep their pets comfortable during the stay. Help your guests by providing them with pet supplies at your rental property. 

Providing them with dog/cat food and water bowls, dog towels, dog and cat food, poo bags, comfortable bedding, pet food ingredients, recipes, and dedicated space to wash the pets will keep bringing them back to your vacation rental property, time and again. 

Make provisions for eliminating bad pet smell 

Pets leave an unpleasant smell behind. To deal with it, use deodorizers throughout the property. Provide aroma candles and scented sticks to your guests to keep your property smelling fresh throughout the day. 

Introduce your guests to the local areas to take pets outdoor 

Your guests might want to know about the local area to walk their pets. Provide them with all the necessary local information. 

Tell them about the local dog-friendly parks and beaches. Provide them with the contact number and address of the local vets and phone numbers of the taxis that accept dogs and cats.

The bottom line

Owing to the comfort, privacy, amenities, and affordability holiday rental villas and apartments offer, travelers are now opting for them over hotels and resorts. Hence, making your rental pet-friendly is only a profitable prospect.

Use these tips to open your doors to pet owners and gear up to make more income.

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