Nutrition and Oral Health

Nutrition and oral health are extremely important to create a fresh environment inside as well as outside the human body. Good oral health and dental hygiene keep the bad breath away. It also saves you from the oral trauma at old age.

Apart from a well-balanced diet, you have to do brushing and flushing regularly to remove the flourishing bacteria. Indian Ayurveda practices the oil pulling method, which is an ancient way to keep the teeth from decaying, grasping the best MCT oil for this purpose.


Why is oral and dental health important in good nutrition?

The power to survive as a human being comes from a well-balanced-diet. Those who don’t compromise with nutrition are always prosperous and healthy. If the diet lacks anything that our body needs, the body will not backtrack in showing you the proper side effect. The side effects in the case of oral health can be dental erosion, gum shrinking, tooth cavities, and gum disease.

Oral health can bring you to the greatest comfort in his/her old days. There are people with unstoppable stories of their tooth pain during their lifetime. Some of them even raise it as soon as they reach eighteen, a quite serious age. The main oral health conditions are tooth decay, periodontal disease, oro-dental trauma, and even oral cancers.

Oral and dental health is drawing no one’s attention nowadays, causing major problems in students and adults. Proper nutrition can give the infection-resisting ability to the teeth and the gums and can help in fighting cavity builder’s bacteria. 


What is a perfect diet for oral health?

Eating nutrient-rich foods promotes healthy teeth and gums. A nutrient-rich diet gives your mouth the ability to resist periodic infections. Any dearth may give birth to periodontal disease. The cause will further bring teeth loss, which is majorly found in adults.

Giving importance to a proper oral healthy diet can give good results in bad times, while a poor diet can cause gum pain at the same time. Follow the proper diet with the help of diet and nutrition apps.

Carbohydrates and starch-rich food may contribute to the difficulty someone is already facing. These produce dental plaque acid that attacks the tooth enamel causing cavities, these kinds of stuff are an obstruction to good oral health and nutrition.

The parents should introduce the right hygiene habit maintaining oral health for kids, taking proper calcium, and phosphorous need into consideration. It will help them to develop strong layer masks over teeth to fight tooth-decay, hence, boosting the gums’ immunity to the next level.


Few extra things to keep you away from gum problems and cavities

  • If you drink enough water, it can decrease the risk of tooth decay by increasing saliva production.
  • Consuming dry foods produces fewer bacteria, a good practice for oral health. Also, limit the consumption of beverages that contribute to weakening the teeth.
  • The timings are equally important. How frequently you snack yourself can be a major cause of tooth decaying. The more often you eat, the more likely you are to call bacterial infections. Also, brushing your teeth two times a day is beneficial. The proper advice is not to brush more than three times, the consequence can be unsafe.


Oil-pulling oral health Ayurvedic method can be beneficial in case you have a hard time doing all these. In this method, you spread oil in your mouth to kill bacteria. Here, we primarily use MCT oil.

Oil-pulling just involves a few basic steps:

  1. Take one bottle-cap of oil, such as sesame seed, coconut, or olive oil.
  2. Carefully spread it around your teeth and gums, and swish it for 15-20 minutes. 
  3. Once you are done, spit the oil into a trash can. Avoid the sink or toilet for the spitting. It may cause clogging.
  4. Rinse your mouth and corners well before you eat or drink anything.

Repeating the same steps 3-4 times per week or up to 3 times daily can give better results.

Coconut oil for oral health is a part of the top dental doctor’s advice, and surely, for some good reasons. It’s more impactful from others.

Child’s teeth


Cultural factors and children oral health care: A qualitative study in young children

The qualitative study pursued recognizing the influence of cultural beliefs and practices getting a brief idea of oral healthcare for young children from different tribes and ethnic groups.

The study took four to six concerned groups of African-American, Chinese, Latino, and Filipino communities in San Francisco, California. The participants were those who, by god’s grace, carried the children aged from 1-5 years, perfect fit for the studies. They were 22 groups or around 177 participants who were taken into account. The study focused on getting brief knowledge, attitudes, and practices of caregivers in relation to the oral health of preschool children from different racial groups. They were subjected to a stratification based on age, except in the African-American community, where stratification was done by whether the US or non-US born.


When the sessions were conducted, it was found that lack of basic knowledge about teeth created a barrier to early preventive care in all groups. In Chinese groups, health beliefs played an important role in the prevention of access to preventive dental care. In other groups also, health beliefs significantly intercepted access to preventive oral care. The dental fear emerging from either the beliefs of negative dental experiences certainly modified the practices and attitudes concerning preventive care.

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