Offline Marketing Techniques for Everybody’s Budget

Running a company has to go hand in hand with marketing as a highly significant aspect of moving forward in business. It is necessary to be visible to your potential clients and to stand out from the competitors.

Running a business, especially if it’s a startup, isn’t easy at all. So, it’s no wonder many entrepreneurs are struggling with finding the right ways to advertise their business and to find a budget for it.

Even though online marketing has an important role in promoting your company, offline marketing can also be quite successful if you approach it the right way. What’s better, the following offline marketing strategies are also inexpensive, so no worries about you being able to invest in them.

1. Give out your business cards with no mercy

This is one of the most cost-effective offline marketing strategies there is. It’s not enough to have them piled up in your office – give them out wherever you can because you never know who your potential client is. You can also be creative – you can leave your business cards in a public library in books related to your business or pin them on a public bulletin board for everybody to see. For a cool touch, add a QR code that leads to your website – many people like its simplicity and speed.

2. Advertise yourself in local papers

Advertising the company in local papers should be inexpensive but effective. Not everybody looks for professional services online and it’s a way to spread the word, especially if you run a small business because the competition is smaller due to the fact that big companies don’t use local papers. It’s even smart to offer coupons to encourage people to visit your local store/office.

3. Get creative with packaging

Many companies selling physical goods don’t pay too much attention to packaging. It’s a way to raise brand awareness, so make sure your packaging stands out on the shelves. To get creative juices flowing, focus on the unique packaging of well-known brands. You can add badges or stickers to it or even add reusable boxes with your company’s info.

4. Take part in local events

Local seminars or trade shows are a great opportunity to reach even more potential clients. If you consider yourself an expert in a specific field, make a speech at the event and draw attention to your company. Make an effort to create a unique booth that will attract people to the event. Put up arrow signs around the location to navigate and interest people and make your booth visible with banner flags and a creative look. Or do something that isn’t usual on trade shows. There are endless possibilities that you can implement on events like how Electrolux cooking experience did as they display a functional and interactive exhibit that entertained most attendees.

5. Create branded merchandise

Packaging is not the only way you can brand your products. Try putting your brand on mugs, pencils, bookmarks, or phone cases – anything that people use every day. A nice way to give them out is to give them away after a local event or give them to charity. Another option is to put your company’s info on motor vehicles to be noticed on the road, even though it isn’t really “merchandise”.

6. Give advice or consultation for free

People love anything that’s free, and getting advice from a professional is one of them. It will attract the attention of a wider audience and also enhance your credibility. Not to mention you’ll earn their trust, especially if you’re willing to offer consultation on a radio show or in your office (at least for one day).

marketing consultation

7. Billboards

Billboards are always a great way of attracting attention. They don’t have to be expensive, especially if you want to put a few of them in a smaller town. Make sure you come up with a catchy slogan and a unique design. It will definitely intrigue some of the viewers to see what you have to offer. If possible, put up the billboard in a high traffic area to maximize its visibility.

Final comment

Offline marketing strategies are not reserved for big companies only. Small companies can significantly benefit from them without breaking the budget. The trick is to know all the creative ways offline marketing strategies can be used to your advantage.

Mike is an Australian business consulting specialist. He’s working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business, and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.

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