How Often Should You Go for a Facial?

What is the Protocol for Facial Treatments

Most of us go on skin treatments, mainly for two things: beauty and maintenance. With the popularity of different products, services, and skincare routines, it’s become more accessible to have clear, radiant, and healthy skin. But of course, going to a professional is a whole different experience for your beauty concerns.

While you think your favorite night cream or facial scrub does the trick, what protocol should you actually follow for your skin? Experts say that there is no same treatment for every skin type. There might be a facial spa service that works for most people, but that doesn’t mean that it guarantees the same results for you.

Quite a few facials are made available to different skin types, mostly to accommodate oily and acne-prone skin. But don’t fret, dry and flakey types are also attended to by facial spas, depending on what you need.

Is it safe to go for a facial once a month?

You might ask this question a lot and think that booking a facial appointment is necessary for your skin. Visiting your local medspa in Salt Lake City or nearby centers at least every month will do miracles to your skin. However, resorting to facials more than once will only do badly on your skin.

Our skin is a sensitive organ and can be irritated by products that are applied in facial care services. Though there are exceptions to this rule, it’s always best to confirm with your dermatologist about any change in the protocol prescribed to you.

What are the different professional facial options?

Standard facial care is usually advisable as it provides deep cleaning and pimple extraction for black and whiteheads and other deep-seated problems. For those of you who frequent term care centers, you notice that after pricking out the dirt of your skin, the esthetician will thereafter do a massage and then a steam treatment.

This is followed by a mask and the application of moisturizer for the final touch.

Some offer chemical peel, microcurrent, oxygen therapy, extractions, and a few more based on the client’s skin care needs.

Does DIY facial work?

Yes, but only to some extent. You can purchase products online or in local drugstores but applying them without proper equipment won’t come as close to professional facial treatments. Considering that you’re not a pro yourself, seeking expert advice is always the best option.

If you still want to try it yourself, devices like facial brushes or light sponges can suffice as well to hydrate, exfoliate and brighten skin. Make sure that you read reviews online or ask your friends for any pretreatment recommended by their derma.

However, for acne and other skin problems, asking your doctor for medication might be external, to prevent irritation as you do a facial at home.

We want to look good to feel good. And when we feel good about ourselves, we perform better in almost all aspects of our daily lives. It’s not obligatory to visit spa centers regularly, what’s important is that you take care of your body in ways you know – with professional supervision, of course.


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