One Easy Trick to Make Grocery Shopping Easier this Winter

Grocery shopping is probably not a favorite activity for most people, and it is even less pleasant in the depths of winter. Between long line-ups at the supermarket, icy sidewalks, and crowded roads and busses, picking up the staples you need to get through the week can seem like an epic journey. And this is on top of the fact that North Americans living in cities are already more likely to report feeling pressed for time.

One of the key side effects of this is that many people fall into bad eating habits. It is simply easier to stop by a fast-food restaurant on the way back from work than to visit a supermarket, pick up the necessary ingredients, and spend an hour cooking at home.

Fortunately, these are not the only two options. A food revolution is currently taking place, and it is being driven in part by a growing number of grocery delivery services that are making it possible for people to order high quality, fresh ingredients online and have them delivered straight to their doors.

Ordering groceries online is faster and more efficient than making a trip to the supermarket, and knowing that groceries are waiting at home makes it much easier to commit to cooking your meals — which has been shown to correlate strongly with a healthier diet.

Unlike the grocery delivery services that supermarkets offer, which are often time-sensitive and require significant coordination, many of the new options make receiving orders easy. And because the companies that pioneered these services specialize in high-quality artisanal products, they guarantee that you are getting the best possible ingredients.

For example, fresh meat delivery companies like truLOCAL have carved out a niche for themselves by connecting consumers with small-scale producers and family farms in the provinces where they operate, and by offering an intuitive online ordering model that makes it easy for shoppers to purchase and receive the meats they want.

If you sign up for their monthly meat delivery services you can get a wide selection of locally raised meats delivered straight to your door anywhere in Ontario, Alberta, or British Columbia. Because each cut comes pre-packaged and delivered in a refrigerated box, you don’t need to be home to receive the order yourself — it can be delivered to your house, apartment, gym, or office and stay fresh all day.

Not only do services like this make it easy to cut out the grocery store or butcher and get incredible food delivered efficiently and affordably, but they also help busy urbanites eat better. If you know that mail-order steaks are waiting for you at home, you are much less likely to stop off for a burger on the way back from work.

If you want to start the New Year off right and avoid the desultory grocery store lines, then subscribing to a fresh meat delivery is something you should add to your list of resolutions.

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