Everything You Should Know About Powerful One Punch Man Workout

You must have heard a lot of calisthenics, high-intensity training, bodybuilding, yoga, weight training, and various types of training regimes. One Punch Man Workout is also a training regime but the difference is that it is the most interesting one.

Saitama, a Manga character became the strongest person in the world after following a punch man workout training regime. This regime is called the one punch man workout because your enemy can be defeated with just a punch.  

This article discusses the entire one-punch man workout regime, how it makes you stronger, what diet to follow, and how to start with the workout.

What exactly one punch man’s workout is?

One punch man workout consists of a 10 km run, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups, and 100 push-ups. But when you begin with this, you don’t have to do all this from day one. We have also discussed how to do it step by step.

  10 km run 

100 squats 

100 push-ups 

Get stronger with one punch man workout

Nobody can put down anybody with a single punch but, if you continue with this workout, you can do so. Compared to other workouts, the Saitama Workout is quite profound. For example, in this workout, it’s the same routine every day.

There are a high number of repetitions and no rest days. Some studies have shown that complex workouts are very effective. Mitochondrial activity and oxidative capacity quickly increase as you train frequently.

One punch man knocked out Bruce Lee

Exercise should be a part of your daily life. It is a slow but adaptive process. But you get used to it only when you work out regularly. But all this is not easy, you have to sacrifice and work a lot. Individuals who have beautiful bodies do meticulous workouts.

To become muscular you have to work out every single day. These individuals are calisthenics masters, MMA fighters, and athletes. One punch man’s workout is not at all easy when you do it for the first time. For a beginner doing a 10 km run and 100 reps of four most difficult exercises is going to be troublesome.

What Can One Punch Man Workout do for you?

One Punch Man Workout does a lot for you. It gives a beautiful looking lean body, endurance, and strength. This workout is extremely rewarding, motivating, and fun. All the important muscles of your core, lower body, and upper body are covered in every move you make.

  • Running increases your mitochondrial oxidative capacity and endurance.
  • Squats cover the back, knees, calves, hips, hamstring, and quads.
  • Sit-ups cover the lower back, oblique, and abs.
  • Push-ups cover the upper abs, chest, traps, delts, and shoulders.

Advantages of One Punch Man Workout

The following are some of the advantages of a punch man’s workout and reasons why you should start doing it.

Fun and motivation: 

This workout is full of fun and motivation. It is challenging when you start doing it but as you complete it, there is a sense of satisfaction. You will feel proud when you tell people about what you are doing.


The biggest advantage of this workout is that you are not required to go to the gym. You save a lot of time. This workout can be done anywhere and everywhere. Thus this gives you no excuse and you have to do it every day. Check this video to start the One Punch Man Workout.

Easy to Follow 

Apart from physiological and health benefits, you can easily follow this workout. It becomes easy as you know what has to be done. You don’t have to think about what next has to be done. It is a simple regime.

Endurance Training 

Your endurance will be built day by day with the repetitive workout. This is done with the help of running and also, helps in building your muscles stronger. This is called endurance training as the repetitions are high in number and you have to do them faster.

Cardiovascular health: 

Your heart muscles strengthen while you run. The blood is pumped faster from the heart to the lungs and then the rest of your body. As more blood flows, the level of oxygen increases.

There is one major concern where this workout is concerned which is a muscle injury, muscle soreness, and overtraining. In the next paragraph, overtraining and injury have been discussed.

Injury and overtraining: 

One punch man workout consists of compound exercises. But to get adapt to it you have to do it daily.  There is a saying that if you continue to do anything for 21 days, it becomes your habit. Your body gets used to the pain.

But there is a slight issue, working out the same muscles every day without any break can cause muscle soreness. So what you are supposed to do is take gradual steps and you won’t get any injury, soreness, or fatigue. So go slow and don’t over train.

How to do 100 repetitions?

Don’t do anything in one go, especially 100 repetitions.  You can pace yourself to 100 reps. Following are the two methods in which you can do this:

1. Set resting minutes

2. Break 100 reps into  sets

First Week

You can do 20 repetitions of 5 sets of each workout taking 2-3 minutes of rest 3 times a week.

Second week

You can do 25 repetitions of 4 sets of each workout taking 1-2 minutes of rest for 4 times a week. Then you can continue to do this as per your performance and stamina. Slowly and accordingly, reduce the resting period and sets thus reaching 100 repetitions of each compound exercise.

How to do 10 km of running?

One of the most crucial parts of one punch man’s workout is running. You cannot run for 10 km every day, you can do it if you do everything slowly. “This is going to be very painful but the rewards are unmatchable”, says Saitama. Running can be done in the following way:

For the first week, you can start with 3 to 5 km 3 times a week. Then for the second week increase it to 5 to 7 km 4 times in a week. Then you can gradually pace up. To reach 10 km every day is going to take months. So be patient.

Diet to be followed

There is one rule as per Saitama which is DON’T SKIP YOUR BREAKFAST. It should be a part of everyone’s life. The workout is not the only solution to being fit; diet also and equally plays an important part. The diet suggested by Saitama is not very difficult; only two things are to be included in your diet which is:

1. More vegetables- This is done to maintain the pH of your body and make bowel movement easy. You will also get minerals and vitamins.

2. More protein: Protein intake is done to take care of your muscles. Take proportionate amounts of protein as per your body weight.

There won’t be any fat and you will be flexible. If you are working out for more than 4 days a week, then add supplements to your diet post-workout. Muscle recovery will be faster

Additional tips

You should slow down when you start losing your breath.

When you run, try to sprint, so that more distance can be covered.

10 percent of the distance should be increased every day.

Rather than working the complete workout altogether, try to do it in sets. It will become easy for you and the workout can also be finished.


Saitama is an inspiration for all of us, who are trying to workout and become fit. This workout is tough but can be done by everyone. You don’t have to be disheartened at any point if you are not able to complete your workout. Just keep in mind that you have to try every day. This workout is beneficial as per science as well.


One Punch Man workout is an amazing workout for people who want to become tough, increase stamina, and endurance, and be overall fit. This is for training your body to the core and taking it to certain limits. The workout doesn’t require any strict routine or diet.

Just make sure to try every day so that you can reach 10 km running, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups, and 100 push-ups. Take this challenge and make it happen. You will feel amazing. 

Hope this article was helpful 🙂

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