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Make $3,493 Commissions Without Doing Any Selling

Get Access To $55,097+ In Exclusive Bonuses When You Join Today

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Get Access To $55,097+ In Exclusive Bonuses When You Join Today

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Your Own High-Ticket Webinar Funnel

You will be able to promote my flagship high-ticket programs from your own webinar funnel and earn up to $3,493 on every high-ticket sale.

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Automatic 50/50 Second Tier Profit Share

You’ll earn a 50/50 profit share on any sales your referrals make. This means if you recruit a fellow Ambassador who generates $10K in profits, you earn $2.5K in commissions. Essentially, we split any profits from your referrals 50/50.

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You Build Your Email List For Long-Term Profits

You get a licence to my tried, tested and PROVEN webinar funnel. You get the registration page, the webinar itself and the checkout page. All you have to do is get this webinar in front of the right eyeballs, and I’ll show you how…

The You’ll Make $2,000 Guarantee!

My goal is to have you make at least $2,000 in revenue within 60 days of joining The Ambassador Program.

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