Online Calculator Review: Is the Tool as Great as They Say?

These days our world relies so much on the accuracy of gadgets and tools we use for everyday tasks. If machines fail, we are almost helpless and are limited to our own abilities or are bound to search for other instruments. 

Completing calculations is, perhaps, not the most popular activity people do online. However, when you need to do this, a nice tool is always a plus: it saves your time, broadens the spheres of calculation, and helps you keep calm.

This review is going to dwell on the critical functions of Our goal is to determine if this tool is as good as described in real practical tasks. We’ll look at how it behaves with basic calculations, as well as more scientific and non-standard ones.


Feature Overview What to Expect from

At first sight, the calculator seems large and convenient. But, all in all, it incorporates a few variations: 

1. Online calculator

This online calculator includes all the basic calculation types such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage, and square root calculation. This variation comprises more actions than Simple but less than a Scientific calculator.  

2. Scientific calculator

If you are not likely to calculate cosine or sine in everyday life, stay with the basic version. But what if you need a complicated calculation for college or school? 

In the Scientific version, you will be able to make calculations for trigonometry or solve logarithms of numbers. It also gives a widened-up view of a root square so that you could calculate, for example, an nth root. 

3. Root calculator

This version is explicitly designed for root calculations and is more convenient for any degree of root. Besides, you can change the accuracy of calculations by replacing the default number of digits after the dot. 

4. Simple calculator

If all you need is the simplest math operations, the Simple version is quite right with nothing extra distracting you. 

5. Percentage calculator

With this calculator, you’ll be able to solve different kinds of tasks with percentages. For instance: 

  • adding a given percent to a number
  • finding out the percent from a whole number
  • calculating the exact number that makes X percent of Y number
  • finding out how many percent X makes from Y. 

6. Widget calculator builder

This feature is great for anyone wanting to add a calculator widget to their website. Here you can choose the range of its mathematical capabilities and design, which, all in all, takes nearly 5 min to set. 

So, what can we see? The tool offers pretty much everything that we are likely to deal with every day. Maybe, it won’t calculate the mass of Pluto for you but mundane tasks. It’s just a perfect choice.

What Else Can I Use Online Calculators for: How to Go Beyond the Basic Use

It is obvious that the web offers other tools if you need to compute something very specific and not related to academic studies or basic mathematical options. Surely, a simple calculator such as would definitely do even for more complex cases, but you will still have to perform more actions. 

Nowadays, you can use narrowly specific calculators to know everything from Body Mass Index to auto loan. Among the most popular versions on the web, we have found: 

Financial calculators

It’s nice to understand how your salary is formed or what interest rate your loan has. There is no specific knowledge required to do it: just open the necessary instrument and enter the details such as working hours and days off. 

Health and Fitness calculators

This is an efficient type of calculator tool for anyone concerned with staying in shape. Some advanced versions can even tell you how much fiber you consume.  

Advanced Math calculators

Now, you don’t need to be an Einstein to deal with random number generation or calculate deviation because online tools do the most complicated operations, and you just get the result. 

Other categories

Other interesting calculator tools include password generators, college grade, or units of measurement conversion calculators. All of them can come in handy if you really need a specific mathematical calculation.

FAQs about

How can I remove the most recent calculator entry?

If you only need to delete the latest entry, press the ‘Backspace’ / arrow button. The button AC wipes the current calculation from memory together with previous calculations. 

Can I save calculator settings to use them in further calculations?

Yes, all settings in are customizable, and you can use them for as long as needed until you reset them with AC. 

How do I change the sign to the opposite? 

The button ‘+ / -’ changes the sign of the current number to the opposite one. 

How to enter the number π without typing it in?

Near the buttons ‘ctg’, ‘atg,’ and ‘tg,’ you will see the ‘π’ button. Press it to perform any further operation with it. 

How can I check if the memory content is erased? / What button shows all the memory content? 

If you want to see everything the memory holds right now, press ‘MR.’ 

How to erase all memory content?

To get rid of the numbers stored in the memory for this session, press the ‘MC’ button.

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