Online Tennis Betting Strategies: What They Are For And How To Choose Your Own

Since the development of the Internet, all bookmakers’ offices began to operate primarily online. Now it is not necessary to visit a bookmaker’s office in person to place a bet. Moreover, bookmakers offer a huge number of sports to choose from. Even though now you can bet even on a dogfight or cybersport, many players still prefer the classic options. One of them is tennis. 

Making bets, every player, of course, wants to achieve a positive result. It is possible to increase the chances of winning by using one of the special strategies. There are many different options.

Why do we need a tennis betting strategy?

Many players who are just starting to bet on tennis or any sport rely mainly on their intuition and personal observations. At first glance, it may seem that tennis is a simple sport, and the results of the match are very easy to predict. 

It is not. Tennis is a rather complicated system and often even the experts can not determine their favorites. Moreover, it also does not make sense to rely completely on experts’ opinions. For those players who want to achieve really good results, it is better to stick to strategies.

Popular strategies

There are a large number of strategies that demonstrate excellent results. Many of them have passed the test of time. Of course, each player can come up with their strategy and try to implement it. However, it is often much more effective to use existing schemes.

The strategy “on the favorite” 

This is one of the few strategies that focus exclusively on those matches in which there is a clear favorite. It is worth noting that not always players, in general, want to bet on such matches, but using a similar strategy, it becomes much more interesting.

The essence of the strategy is quite simple. It is necessary to choose several matches in which there are clear favorites. After that, it is worth making a series of bets on the outcome of these matches. It is possible to combine this strategy with the popular “catch-up” or any other mathematical strategy, which will increase the effectiveness.

The “40/40” strategy

This is a fairly simple strategy that is great for those who prefer to bet in play. The essence of the scheme is that the player bets on the score of 40:40 in the game. You can also bet on the fact that such a score will not be.

The way to act here is as follows:

  • at the beginning make a bet;
  • if the bet passes – the series continues;
  • if the bet didn’t pass – the game is skipped;
  • make a new bet, increasing the amount.

Some believe that such a bet is strictly impossible to do in the first games. It is better suited for subsequent games. It is important to carefully watch the game in play and analyze the state of the athletes, so as not to make a mistake.

Martingale strategy

This strategy is used not only in tennis but also in other sports. It belongs to the category of mathematical, but do not be intimidated by this. It does not require complex calculations, it is enough to understand a simple algorithm.

Act like this: after each loss, the bet should be doubled. As soon as the player receives the long-awaited win, the series ends. Some players use strategies similar to Martingale. Their difference is usually that the rate at loss is not doubled, but one and a half or three (other options may be used). Even though this mathematical scheme looks quite risky, it leads many players to good results.

Tennis middle strategy

Usually, this scheme is chosen only by experienced players because it requires certain skills and logic. However, understanding its principles is simple enough.

The essence is quite simple. It is necessary to make two bets in one match. For example, it is possible to put on 21.5 and 23 games. If the total turns out to be 22, both bets will play, respectively, and the player will get a good prize. The essence of the strategy lies in the so-called “middle”, which is formed between the bets. In the most successful case, both bets will play, in the less successful case, as a rule, at least one bet must play, and the losses will be minimal.  

When strategies do not work

When it comes to betting on tennis, you only need to understand one thing: betting always carries a certain risk. Even the best strategy may not bring the expected result. In addition, each player needs to choose the scheme that best suits him. You can also try to change one of the popular strategies.

To achieve the best results, it is worth trying to understand the peculiarities of tennis as a sport, learn the rules, and be interested in the athletes and their current state. It is not superfluous to read expert forecasts and watch interviews with tennis players.

Always, when a player is planning to make a bet, it is necessary to carefully choose the match itself, find out the favorites, and compare the strengths of the opponents at the moment. You can find out the schedule of matches of different tournaments on the Scores24 portal in the section. In addition, on the site, you can always see the tournament tables, and read the current data on the topic.

For those fans who want to make a bet, but have not yet chosen a bookmaker, the resource will be especially useful. Here there is a rating of bookmakers, which is constantly updated. You can read real reviews about bookmakers and choose on which site it is better to register.

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