Online Tools to Boost your Productivity

Online tools are game-changers that boost your productivity dramatically. Admit it, sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get your work done. It is not because you do not want to, but because you can’t. It is all right to confess that you need help at times.

Though productivity is defined as the state of producing or enhancing goods, there are underlying reasons for lacking to be productive at times, no matter how hard you try. It’s not because you simply miss a motivation or you fail to discipline yourself.

Your daily output is sometimes affected because you lack the right equipment to produce the output you need to yield. Like in the case of web developers and web designers, for instance, it used to take days to accomplish simple tweaks in websites or to come up with web designs, that now take only a  plugin or a web app to complete. Online tools help and guarantee you better, more result-driven, and satisfying deliverables.

Here are some of the most efficient and popular tools to help you boost your productivity and get the job done:

Online tools for your website

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a very efficient, user-friendly tool for website owners because Google is the leading search engine with a 92.06% market share.

Search Engine Market Share Worldwide

Image Source: Stat Counter

GA is a free web-based app that helps you analyze website traffic, visitors’ demographic information, geographic location, and exactly how long they stayed on particular web pages. It helps you get to know your audience, determine future content, and identify what areas need to be improved. It also has an A/B testing feature and can be integrated with AdWords.

GA also tracks conversions efficiently by setting your “Goals” for a campaign (URL visits, subscriptions, signups, and the like). You can also monitor the number of unique visitors landing on your page through the Users metric, and visitor engagements or interactions through metrics like Sessions, Bounce Rate, Average Session Duration (dwell time), and page views.

In Google AdWords, you can enable auto-tagging to tag your links that visitors click and also set up eCommerce tracking to know where your most profitable customers come from. You can also utilize Google Analytics custom reports to customize reports to fit your business goals.

Restored 316 Designs

Since branding is a must for every business or blog, it is necessary to establish a theme that will identify your name. A professional theme will help you attract customers, subscribers, or more visitors to your website or account.

If you do not know what theme to showcase, the application provides a quiz that will determine which theme is suited for your personality. What is good with Restored 316 Designs is that it also has a set-up for your security and SEO that will make every blog count.

Online tools for your security

After curating your website or blog, you would want to secure it for future reference. WordPress security is such a concern because it is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the internet, having 62.4% of all websites built with a CMS using WordPress. Out of all the internet websites constructed with or without a CMS, 35.6% of them are WordPress websites.

Online tools for your security

Here are some more tools you can use for your website:


MantisBT is one of the notable web-based developer browser tools on the list. Locating bugs and errors is a time-consuming task to do but is necessary when having your website. While it takes much of your time, it also departs your focus from essential activities you should have delved into which decreases your productivity.

This browser tool operates as a bug scanner in coding and hands you a report regarding this matter. Instead of setting time aside searching for the bug, you can allocate that for fixing and applying solutions. Mantis BT is not just efficient, but it is also free.

All-in-one WP Security

All-in-one WP Security is a security plugin that has a series of features that you can utilize. It includes a firewall, login lockdown, and honeypot settings. Together with that, it also creates a blacklist of IP addresses that appear to be suspicious, disables the ability to edit PHP files, and contrives the default URL to your own choice. This element gives you the chance to be hacker-free! If you are a newbie to website development, this tool is fit for you because it is easy to install and user-friendly.

It is not just crucial to secure your website with security tools and plugins. It is as incredibly important that your device and networks are protected as well. Get total protection with good antivirus software that works for you.

AVG Antivirus and VPN Protection (Free and Paid)

AVG Antivirus is a free online tool that stops viruses, spyware, and other malware even before they get into your system. Also, if it is a free version, it can effectively block unsafe links, downloads, and email attachments. It can scan problems on performance with your device and give you real-time security updates.

Updating AVG Internet Security extends this much-needed protection to an unlimited number of devices. It has additional features like an Enhanced Firewall that keeps hackers out, secures online shopping and banking, detection of fake websites for safer payments, and effective and immediate blocking of spam, phishing emails, and other scams.

It also includes an unlimited Antivirus PRO for your Android devices. What is excellent about a paid version is its 24/7 customer support with its phone and chat agents.

Also, opt to add AVG Secure VPN to amp your security protection even further. It is a surefire tool to give you a safe and encrypted online experience so you can access geo-restricted content worldwide at lightning-fast speeds.

Online tools for your files

Have you ever experienced feeling like the end of the world because you lost a file that you desperately needed and have not backed it up? What more if it is your entire website? VaultPress and OneDrive take those worries away.


VaultPress can back your website up daily and accommodate a restoration option whenever you miss doing so. It is convenient when you come across a hacking incident. It has an easy to install feature and a simple setup system for your ease.


Though hard drives are reliable, you cannot be too subservient to them. The great deal with technology and being online now is that it can operate like a hard drive also! OneDrive can act as a dependable space to back up your files to its cloud automatically. You can access your documents and files whenever and wherever even if you are going offline.

Online tools for your design


Blogs, websites, and posts will be dull without graphics and designs. If you want to entice the audience by presenting an impressive logo or alluring infographics, Canva is the way to go! It offers several designs and templates which you can choose from to match your website’s vibe. It can also be used for presentations, videos, and thumb emails.


Easil has a drag-and-drop interface that helps you design digital content like a pro. It allows organizations to keep their brand assets handy, like headers, fonts, trademarks, and multiple color palettes. This Brand Kit is always updated and ready for use or editing. Easil is a quality graphics editor that comes in a free version and also a paid option.

Online tools for your schedule

People nowadays are always on the go and need management tools to help them manage their time, schedules, emails, and the like. Here are some of the myriad tools available online that can help you get organized fast.


With continuous and constant tasks, you must put your focus on them, and a schedule must be followed. Todoist is a developer tool that allows you to set your goals according to what is needed at a time. It handles your activities according to their urgency. From managing your website to having your alone time, you can now be efficient, organized, and productive.


Sometimes, time management tools can be time-consuming. Too much time just putting every appointment down across your tools is not productive as well. Calendar created an AI-enabled solution that learns your schedule and does the organizing, booking, and updating for you.

Setting meetings and events on your calendar is no longer a cumbersome task. It syncs across all your devices and calendar tools that make all the organizing you do, organized.

Online tools for your team


If you are working in a team, miscommunication is the worst barrier which branches out other problems within the group. Codeanywhere enables you to hustle with your team without any hassle. It grants collaboration on a specific project and allows web developers to code simultaneously. A list of tasks can also be provided for every member of the team.

Whether you are a blogger, a web developer, or a mere marketing employee who is tasked to operate digital marketing strategies, the tools stated above are a go-to when it comes to productivity. These applications and websites will guide you to a more efficient, accurate, and worry-free work experience and output.


Trello has a drag-and-drop interface and looks like an online corkboard where you can organize your cards on the dashboard easily. Through this simple interface, monitoring, and assigning tasks to your team is easy to do as well. The cards can be projects or tasks, notes, shared files, or anything your team may be working on together.


Skype is one of the most trusted communication software in the world, with expertise in video calling so teams can easily collaborate on projects and stay connected anywhere they are in the world. Skype also offers mobile and landline calling at affordable rates, so you can quickly call people from your contact list for those instant messages that need urgent attention.


Zoom has become so popular lately due to the pandemic, as it allows remote conferencing services of up to 500 participants, perfect for companies that had to resort to remote working, or classes that had to be conducted online.

Its services use cloud computing, HD video and high-quality audio, screen sharing, and can work together with other apps you use like incorporating Google Calendar, so you get updates of your schedule through Zoom, and the like.

Conclusion: Online Tools Make Life Much Easier to Manage

There are so many more online tools available for every need under the sun. What is significant is that you can customize what tools you need to optimize your team’s productivity, or even to meet your own productivity goals.

The important thing is that the devices do not overpower or control you. You do not have to use 10, for example, if you can use one or two.

Choose what tools work to the best of what you need and stick with those. Once you have tested these tools, you can upgrade to a paid or premium version to unlock all its features, and you can maximize the tool in your everyday tasks.

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