Oolang Tea Versus Pu-Erh Tea, What Are The Main Differences

Take a trip down the aisle of a supermarket and you will find a whole section of tea products. This speaks volumes about its popularity and how it’s being consumed all over the world.

There are various kinds and assorted brews for any type of tea that you may fancy. There are green teas, black teas, and white teas, as well as flavored teas, herbal teas, and holiday teas. With the number of choices available, you can easily select a kind of tea that fits the occasion. Be it you’re a casual drinker or thinking of serving tea for your visitors, there’s surely a type of tea that will work. You can have green tea for breakfast, iced tea for lunch, and maybe a cup of herbal tea for bedtime.

As you look at your choices, you might’ve come across oolong and Pu-erh, and you’re probably wondering what the difference is between the two. Are they similar? Or are they remarkably opposite of one another? When it comes to Chinese Tea, the answers might surprise you.

Oolang Tea Versus Pu-Erh Tea

The Basics

– Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea has been around for thousands of years and is found in ancient China and Japan. It is a kind of tea that is fermented like kombucha. The difference is Pu-erh leaves are fermented and not brewed. Pu-erh is generally sold in the form of tea cakes but sometimes, it can be found as loose leaf too.

The fermentation process is what makes this tea healthy. It was used to treat a variety of conditions and is still used today to treat coughs and colds, headaches, sinus problems, and several skin problems. The leaves from this plant have also been used to treat conditions like arthritis, allergies, and asthma.

– Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a Chinese tea that is made from the same plant that makes black and green tea. The only difference is how it is processed. While tea leaves all contain a certain amount of enzymes, which eventually oxidize, it is the oolong tea that produces its rich color from the combination of both black and green tea.

The Differences and Similarities

Oolong tea is not the same as Pu-Erh tea. Oolong is a kind of green tea. It’s green tea that has been fermented. You’ll also notice that oolong is much less oxidized than other types of tea, which is why it has more health benefits compared to Pu-Erh.

– Fermentation Process

The first difference between oolong and Pu-erh comes from the fermentation process. Generally, most teas are fermented either with steaming or without steaming, as does the oolong tea and the Pu-erh tea. However, the oolong tea is also oxidized which means that most of the antioxidants stay with the tea. This can help you to stay healthier and even help with weight loss. Both can provide strength for any other problems that you may experience such as old age, Alzheimer’s, cancer, or Parkinson’s disease.

– Immunization properties

Aside from helping you lose weight, both oolong and Pu-erh work to ease digestion problems. They contain high anti-inflammatory elements and can also help improve your blood circulation. A good cup of oolong tea can help ease your stress and benefit your health.

– Taste

The biggest difference between these two is the taste. For a lovely taste with a woody base and a citrus undertone, oolong tea is very smooth. It is not very strong, so drinking more than one cup wouldn’t be a problem. Be careful, though, about consuming it in large quantities as it may have some side effects.

Pu-erh tea, on the other hand, has a strong, earthy taste. Its strong but smooth taste makes it a perfect pair for heavy food. It’s also perfect for those who also like coffee because of its dark, rich flavor.


When comparing oolong versus Pu-erh tea, you should be looking at the differences that are specific to your own needs. And if possible, try a couple of each variety so, you can truly understand what makes each one such an excellent choice for your needs. For example, if you’re looking for a light tea then consider a more delicate oolong tea, but if you want something heavier, you may consider a Pu-erh. The choice is entirely up to you. Each variation of tea can be perfect for whatever purpose you might want it for.

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