Opening A Bar: How to Make the Most Out of The Space

Opening a bar for the first time can for many be a very daunting experience. Opening a bar is not simple and there is a lot of paperwork you will have to fill out, then permits for making changes to the building, and then the final design stage – altogether it can be a very stressful and strenuous experience. Still, when you are decorating your bar you should always make the most out of the space and make it as well thought out and efficient as you possibly can.

A bar does not need to be overloaded with furniture and things, rather it should be sparse but effective, as you will hope to have many people in there at once, so while a cluttered vibe may work well if it is just wall art, lots of unnecessary furniture and furnishings, in general, will put your patrons off and drive them away. A bar should be well thought out and well designed, and that is why this guide will endeavor to tell you how to make your designing experience as efficient and well-planned as possible So, here is how to make the most of your space when you are opening a bar!

Signs on The Front of The Bar!

When are you opening a bar, one of the most important things you need to have is a recognizable and memorable sign that people will forever associate with your bar? A bar’s sign should be unique, as it is its hallmark and its most memorable attribute. A bar’s sign should make people say, “Wow, I really want to see more here and see what they have to offer,” then come inside. Neon signs can often be your best bet for drawing maximum attention and having people’s interest peaked.

Neon signs fell out of popularity some twenty years ago, but they are slowly making a comeback, and many store owners across the world are deciding to give them another chance. By using a neon sign for the front of your bar, you will attract customers that likely would go elsewhere; the use of neon signs is retro, and at the moment, retro is in! You can pick custom neon signs up rather inexpensively and you shouldn’t have to look too hard as there is an abundance of manufacturers cropping up in the market, is that the trend is rising in popularity once again.

Create a Bandstand

A bandstand is absolutely fundamental for any bar that is considering live music. You can make a lot more money by implementing a bandstand or a live performance zone into your bar, and you will find people will come to your bar from far and wide to experience the live music, as live bandstands are not as common as they once were. You can also employ local folk artists and musicians to come in, thereby promoting their careers and helping them to proceed through the music industry. Many local folk artists or artists will work for free.

By having a bandstand installation you will enable your bar to achieve its full potential and your bar will be synonymous with having a good time. It is important that if you are going to create a bandstand that you are conservative with space, and also endeavor to ensure the performers that you employ are of a high standard, otherwise you risk your bar then becoming synonymous with bad music, which nobody likes. You should be able to make room for a bandstand, even in a microbar, as it does not have to be very big and just needs room for a few people.

Bar Bandstand

A Seating Area

An area to sit down and drink is absolutely fundamental for every single bar in the world! Your patrons need somewhere to sit down, relax, and unwind. You cannot have a bar with anywhere to sit, as people will just choose to go somewhere where they can sit down and where they can relax – and while a dance floor is always necessary, that does not mean people will not want to sit down after a heavy period of dancing. Even if your bar is not small enough to facilitate a seating area, you can run a line of stools along the bar, which is a great method of providing a seating area, as long as there are enough stools.

An Outdoor Area

If your bar does not have enough room to seat people inside, then you can consider erecting a veranda if you have planning permission for the street and putting a seating area outside. Outdoor seating areas are very popular with bar-goers as it allows them somewhere to sit and smoke and talk outside of the hot confines of the bar. The veranda allows them to go outside even if it is raining, which is a lot of fun.

You should always make sure your alterations to your bar are in adherence to health and safety restrictions and make sure that you do not make any alterations to the structure of the building that are not permitted, otherwise you risk having to pay a big fine!

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