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Owning A Fuel Efficient Automobile Is Affordable And Eco-Friendly

These days, when fuel prices have gone up, the most suitable way to buy a new car is to select from one of the brand new models available at showrooms, which offers good mileage and comes with the highest MPG rating.

Those individuals eager to buy a new car, they should look for a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicle that will save money in the long term. Fuel efficiency may vary from model to another. Apparently, individuals should verify the EPA rating for highway or city although most of us know that an average automobile never gets close to those numbers.

For those who have a strict budget, they should be conscious of the fact that most models of preceding years are measured as a good alternative, considering price and quality. If the motive is to crack the best deal, there are several hybrid cars that symbolize the perfect choice.


If individuals have set their eyes and heart on a hybrid electric vehicle or in short HEV, they might want to procure it, as it comes with high MPG rating when driving on highways as well on the city roads. Moreover, hybrid cars would offer great mileage with a full tank.

The choice of transmission can also affect the fuel efficiency of the automobile. Usually, a vehicle with a manual transmission would be more fuel-efficient than the one with automatic transmission. With normal driving conditions, cars with smaller engines offer more savings and fuel efficiency than bigger ones. If individuals want to opt for an automatic transmission, most favorable for bigger cars, the more gears it has, the better.

Another way of ensuring savings on fuel is to limit the choices for the car. Individuals might not have realized that convenient features such as power steering, windows to air conditioning and seat warmers reduce fuel efficiency and would cost more in fuel consumption.


The only impediment is the price as it is considered as hybrids cars are substantially expensive as compared to conventional automobiles. However, considering other fuel options, the hybrid electric vehicle is the best choice as a fuel-efficient car.

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