Paint Your Nails Like A Pro!

Some people put all their effort into makeup, and they love having the power of changing the contours of their face, adding colorful lines, extending the shape of their eyes so eyes can look larger, and other things that come along. However, face makeup is not the only thing you can do to yourself in order to look allegedly prettier. You are pretty, wearing the makeup or not. Still, this industry is so big that we can simply have options for altering every part of our body in order to create art. And one of the things that can truly bring out that inner artist in you is painting your nails.

Nowadays, you can paint gold holographic nails at home, without having to go to the nail salon, because you can buy all you need from an online shop. If you want to do your own nails, then you do not need to have a license, however, if you decide to use some products for professional use, then you need to be licensed. What do you need for a perfect manicure? You should have three nail products, and these products are base for nail polish, nail polish of course, and topcoat that will seal the deal. The base serves as protection, and it protects your natural nail from drying out. However, the base also serves to grip the nail polish. Once these two coats are dry, you should add the top coat that will protect your artwork! This is just a brief example of how you can paint your nails. But it is about time to bring a bigger thing to the table.


If you want to fully commit and actually do your nails like a professional, then you will get a UV lamp. You will be using special nail polishes that come in a form of a gel. This immediately implies that you need to get a different base, and different top coat, which works only with gel nail polish. The UV light is here to quicken the process of drying your nails. If you do your manicure like this, you will be done in less than five minutes!

Holographic nails are the latest trend, and these nail polishes are astonishing. Having that holographic feature in nail polish means that once user applies a coat of such nail polish, they will get that shifting rainbow effect that simply looks amazing. Holographic polish shines in different colors under different lighting, and you will never get bored of it. You can wear only this polish, or you can have a darker or lighter base, and then add over that holographic nail polish!

If you love doing your nails, just remember that you also need to take care of them! You can find many nail products that will protect the skin around your nails, and cuticles. But if you do not have money to buy these products instantly, you can use organic Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil used like this can be applied as many times during the day as you want!

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