Painting Tips for Beginning Artists

Painting has become one of the most therapeutic activities to do, especially as a way to enhance your mindfulness and de-stress.

You don’t have to be a professional painter to reap the benefits that painting can bring. These benefits include everything from relieving you of stress, allowing your creative side to shine, enhancing your memory, being an emotional counselor, and helping you feel more optimistic about life!

When it comes to painting, there is no such thing as “bad”. Everyone has their own unique style that is special. With more practice, you will start to develop your own unique style and be able to really hone in on your type of painting that you enjoy. So when it comes to painting, we all have to start somewhere. And there is no time like the present to bring out your artistic side and get those paintbrushes out!

To help guide you on your journey to falling in love with your artistic side, we have put together some top tips for painting for beginners. So just follow along and enjoy the process!


  1. The stroke is everything

The way your painting will turn out is largely based on your stroke technique. When it comes to your stroke, there really is no wrong or right way. It just depends on what comes naturally to you and what allows you to truly express yourself. So play around with your stroke and the way you put paint onto the canvas.

  1. Have lots of brushes

Similar to your stroked technique, the type of brush you use is equally important! If you are after a detailed result then you will want to use a finer brush. And if you are after a more abstract piece, try playing around with bigger brushes. But we always recommend having multiple brushes in the vicinity so you can play around with it as you go!

  1. Mixing is everything

The shade of color you use will really drive the end result. And you can get any shade of color from the five primary colors of red, orange, blue, yellow, green, and white! From there, it all comes down to how you mix the colors on your palette that will result in that perfect hue. Don’t be shy to play around with the color mixing on your palette first before you put it on the canvas. The great thing with mixing is that is never just stuck at one shade of color and you can’t really ever mess it up!

  1. Try painting your numbers

Paint Your Numbers is a great way to practice creating a masterpiece with the pre-planning done for you. This works by sending in your favorite image and it then being turned into a paint by numbers canvas. So the outline is already there for you and a number guide on what colors to use where. So all you have to do is sit back, relax and follow the numbers to get a masterpiece! This is also a great way to start out on your artistic journey because you can create really personable pieces that will make great gifts or interior décor—putting your new hobby to great use!

  1. Have fun

This is the most important piece of advice we can give all beginning artists—have fun! There is no such thing as a bad piece of art and you can’t mess something up when it comes to painting. So make sure to relax, don’t stress, and smile as you stroke the paint onto the canvas!

With these top tips, any beginner artist can quickly turn into the next Picasso! Happy painting and remember to enjoy the process as it truly is the best part.

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