Pairing Marijuana Strains with Cinema: The Pro List

The cerebral and dreamy effects of specific weed strains have long been promoted for their abilities to excite, relax, or inspire. But what about their effect on a marijuana movie night in?

If you’ve bought weed seeds online, or have ever stood in a dispensary and attempted to navigate a menu, you’re well aware of the exhausting lists of strains and their specific effects. What strain aficionados don’t often tell you is how to pair those heady effects with the world’s epic love for cinema.

Knowing whether or not you should check out some spacey sci-fi, or hardcore horror after a bong rip of a white widow can make or break your movie night. In fact, sometimes the best weed movies, aren’t really even weed movies at all. We spoke to the experts of all things weed seed at High-Supplies to find out exactly which of their most popular strains pair best with our favorite movie genres.

Pairing Marijuana Strains with Cinema: The Pro List


“The taste is quite musky and with strong inhale, you will feel the presence and mild taste of peaches and roses. The flowery and musky flavor spiced up with pepper and spices surely make you drag the smoke for a longer period, every time you enjoy the strong puff. As the name says, it can induce temporary amnesia on the mind of the users along with some additional effects such as drowsiness, euphoria, keeping their spirit up.”

With this heady and über relaxed high, it’s often best to pair Amnesia’s distracting mellow with something not too plot-laden. Think of the visually exciting and imagination provoking nature documentary. Bonus points if it has the soothing vibes that only epic narrators like Morgan Freeman and David Attenborough can bring to the screen.

Afghan Outdoor

“It has big fat buds and fat leaves and though it does not have many crystals, it has smooth, rich hash-like smoke. This resin promises you the famous couch-lock effect and after a few puffs you might as well move your butt from the couch straight into bed.”

Because of its Indica heavy genetics, Afghan Outdoor is definitely the best for spacey and light-hearted indie flicks. Think of the rapid-fire dialogue and gut-punch color palettes of Wes Anderson or Tim Burton. The wild and imaginative avant-garde plot twists will capital ending that couch-locked mind of yours.


“These resin-filled buds promise amazing effect along with a great taste. The sweet smell is evident the moment you start using it. The crystals on these plants don’t disappoint you at all and give you an energetic, relaxed but creative high without turning you into a couch potato! It also comes very softly on your throat, which makes it all the more enjoyable.”

Crystals perfect blend of Indica’s relaxation and Sativa’s creativity makes it the perfect accompaniment to cerebral thrillers and creepy tales of horror. Giving your mind just enough of a boost to carefully follow the intricate twists that these genres are known for. Pairing the highly mind-bending plots with often uncomfortable and intense moments of gore and thrill alongside a mellow indica means that your heart won’t be beating out of your chest the entire time. While it may not save you from hiding in the blankets later, Crystal goes best with creative legends like Christopher Nolan, Guillermo Del Toro, and Sam Raimi.

Blue Dream

“When you get this highly coveted cannabis in your claws you’ll notice this weed has some serious froth going on. If you used to pick blueberries when you were a kid, then get ready for your Proustian moment! In addition to that strong blueberry aroma, you might also notice a complex mix of floral, woodsy, and citrusy notes. The quality of Blue Dream’s high, however, is quite interesting. The energizing qualities provided by Haze are slightly subdued by the Blueberry strain. This makes Blue Dream superb for people who need help with mental clarity and focus.”

The fun and funky high that you get from Blue Dream is ideal for your standard weed comedy. From classics like Half Baked to the new world order of comedies like Ted and Pineapple Express- Blue Dream will keep your imagination locked in all the while dissolving into fits of giggles. The Sativa heavy strain complements best, movies with fast-paced and all over the map plot lines. Light-hearted and funny, to something more intellectually amusing, this strain is perfect for getting the group together and laughing it up at the classic comedies of our time.

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