Paleo Vs. Primal Diet

A lot of health specialists believe that modern civilization’s rate of diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, etc. stem from adopting a diet that is rich in processed foods, further exacerbated by a sedentary lifestyle and eating habits. But by adopting healthy ways of eating, one can enjoy having a healthy body.

The two popular diets that follow the early times of eating and living include the Paleo diet and the Primal Diet. Paleo or the Caveman diet was introduced by Loren Cordain in the year 2002 and it follows the plan that dates back to the times when people ate meals that were there with freshly caught fish, grass-fed game, seeds, berries, vegetables, nuts, and fruits.

Paleo Vs


Created by Mark Sisson in the year 2009, the Primal Blueprint is in a way similar to the Paleo diet to a certain extent. For instance, as you follow the primal diet, you can easily consume healthy meats, fats, vegetables, fruits, and even dark chocolate. The main concept behind this is that such foods are mainly made up of fats and proteins.

Linda Larsen, the popular author as well as a follower of The Big Book Of Paleo Recipes says that both the diets focus mainly on the way the ancestors ate. The main goal is to stay away from the grains and processed foods that are manipulated differently when compared with the cavemen period. She further said that the main difference between the diets is the respective attitude of them towards saturated fats.

People who follow the Paleo diet avoid saturated fats. On the other hand, the Primal blueprint followers consume fatty meats, etc. Also, the primal diet lays emphasis on your whole lifestyle like there is an emphasis on immunity and fitness. There is much stress on taking the antioxidants and supplements. The Paleo diet focuses more on diet over-exercise.


How to follow the diets? What to keep in mind

Eating more healthy fat and fewer foods that spike the insulin level is the very first step towards a primal diet. It is also important to avoid industrial oils such as corn and soy that are rich in omega 6s and trans fat. As you eliminate taking refined carbs, industrial oils and sugar, you eliminate all the convenience food items.

It is observed that these days there are toxins almost everywhere and some pollutants cannot be avoided at any cost. However, you can avoid some. It is good if you eat the organic foodstuffs whenever possible, use the natural cleansers, etc. In fact, primal living is more than just a diet. It is the kind of lifestyle that you follow. As you eat in a way that is optimal for your body, you don’t have to look back again.


Also if you are thinking if treats and cheats are allowed on these diets, then don’t fear. Both diets have many options for desserts and other treats. An easy dessert on the Primal diet can be coconut macadamia bars with coconut oil, unsweetened coconut, macadamia nuts, salt and chia seeds. And what can be your favorite Paleo dessert? The blueberry coconut crisp can be made from honey, lemon juice, coconut, blueberries, vanilla, butter, coconut flour, and salt.

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