How To Pamper Your Locks With A Hot Oil Massage To Prevent Hair Loss?

Nature is not something to be tampered with! We have learnt it the hard way. As we got greedy, our environment kept degrading and we have been paying the price with our health and beauty. The polluted and stressed filled environment doesn’t spare anything, not even your hair. The more we have been exposed to it, the more hair problems we have encountered.

Ignoring the wisdom of centuries as we grew up, most of us put away those bottles of oil. Our mothers kept telling us that it was a sure shot way to get our healthy and beautiful hair but we continued to ignore them. They did after all make our hair sticky and icky for that brief period of time!

This article is all about how wrong we have been to ignore the age old wisdom of oiling!

Hair fall home remedies

Why should we oil our hair?

Oil massage helps in improving the circulation of blood to the scalp which ultimately leads to better nourishment and hence better health of hair. Also, oil provides good lubrication to the hair, thereby, checking and reducing the damage.

How to do it right?

Simply applying oil to your hair doesn’t serve the purpose. Oiling must be done in a specific way to get the desired benefits.

Here are some tips you can consider while oiling your hair:

  • Apply oil to your scalp not hair. It’s your hair’s root that needs to be nourished to have a beautiful and shiny mane.
  • Always apply warm oil as it seeps in to your scalp more easily than regular oil.
  • Dip a cotton ball in warm oil. Squeeze out any surplus oil and dab this cotton in to your scalp. You can also directly apply warm oil with your fingertips. But remember to massage your scalp gently. Over massaging will break your hair. So do it in moderation.
  • Oil your hair either overnight or 1 to 2 hours ahead of shampooing your hair. Oil will seep in more at night, making your hair healthy from the inside out.
  • Going out with oiled hair must be avoided as it tends to attract more dirt and dust, which further can cause dandruff, hair fall and scalp irritation.

Here are some oils that you can use to get rid of your hair problems

  • Olive oil possesses anti fungal and anti bacterial properties that aids in destroying bacteria in your scalp thereby promoting hair growth. It also helps to nourish and condition your hair at the same time improving its elasticity and strength. Olive oil assists in restoring the overall scalp cell health of chemically treated hair thus promoting healthy hair growth.
Olive oil

Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamin-E and hence helps to reduce hair fall. Regular massaging your hair with almond oil makes your hair strong, long, shiny and thick. This oil also provides nourishment to your hair, thereby helps smoothen the cuticles of hair.

Almond oil

Coconut oil is known to be an excellent hair conditioner. It possesses best moisture-retaining capacity as compared to any other oil. Coconut oil not only cleanses but also moisturizes your scalp. It easily penetrates into your scalp and stimulates the growth of hair follicles.

Coconut oil

Some additional homemade hair loss remedies:

  • Treat your hair at least once in a week to retain its strength and shine.
  • Avoid excessive use of chemical procedures, such as perming, straightening and coloring.
  • Try to lessen the uses of styling equipments that use heat, which include hot irons, blow dryer, and curling rods. They are the main reasons that dry the hair, leading to dull and damaged hair.
  • Cover your hair with a hot-towel after applying hair mask. This will benefit your hair.
  • Shun off split ends by trimming your hair in every 2 to 3 months. Regular hair cuts will help you keep those lower dead locks away, thus boosting hair growth.

You can also try out some ‘make it at home’ conditioners, which will help you keep your locks thick and free from hair fall.

Hot oil massage is not an only solution for damaged hair. Hair is damaged due to various factors; hence you need to take preventive measures against them to have healthy locks. As the saying goes….prevention is better than cure!

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