Pandemic Heroes: Online Shopping and Food Delivery Platforms

During the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing has become the new practice. People are now required to stay safe and stay indoors as the government tries to fight the epidemic. Ever since it started, general online shopping has experienced an overall boost in terms of business. People have also shifted to delivery applications for everything from lattes, and lunches to even groceries. Are these platforms the pandemic heroes? Let us have a look at how online shopping and food delivery platforms are essential in these times of crisis.

Online Shopping

Complete closure of physical stores and restaurants is among the strategies put in place for dealing with the spread of Coronavirus. More and more people now prefer shopping online instead of pulling carts around the available stores which exposes them to risk. Besides the Coronavirus outbreak reason, online shopping has already started experiencing dramatic changes over the years. Why is shopping online important during the crisis?

  • No crowds – It is safer to stay indoors to avoid exposing yourself to crowded places during these pandemic times. Where people are crowded, you are more likely to get into contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain the one-meter distance when you are out there and you, therefore, expose yourself to the risk of contracting the virus. It is advisable to self-isolate and order supplies online to be safe.
  • No need to travel – Shopping online allows you to have great deals delivered to your doorstep. You do not need to get out of your house and travel to the physical stores. Travelling exposes you to the danger of engaging with a person infected with the virus especially if you are to travel using public means such as buses or trains. Online shopping saves you from moving around and touching surfaces infected persons have already landed on.
  • Convenience- This has always been an obvious reason for shopping online. Where else can you shop in the comfort of your bed? You are saved from the hassles of lining up and trying to maintain the 1-meter distance all the time. You have the opportunity to stay home and shop for your needs in minutes 24/7. There is no other better place where you can compare and shop for brands for less. Besides, having this convenience during the COVID-19 crisis is what everybody is looking for!

Food Delivery Platforms

Food delivery platforms have come at a cost to restaurants as people are skipping the physical stores for fear of contagion. Platforms such as Uber Eats offer great deals and coupon codes that have made it easy to have your favorite food delivered to your doorstep by Uber. Some restaurants have therefore been forced to go the food delivery way now that they cannot stay open. Consumers need to relax, download the food delivery app, order food, and pay online as they wait for the food to be delivered. Why does it make sense during the present scenario?

  • Avoid the lining as you shop in the comfort of your home – Just like it is with online shopping, home delivery of foodstuff saves you from overcrowding at the marketplace or restaurant. Navigating the crowd can expose you to the danger of contracting the deadly virus. You will have the pleasure of shopping for your favorite ingredients in the comfort of your couch, dining room, or bed.
  • The app is easy to use – Many of these platforms are easy to use from the time you log in to the time food is delivered. The menu is literary at your fingertips to help you make an order quickly. You will still enjoy your favorite food as you maintain the safety measures of self-isolating.
  • Online food ordering is available 24/7- You have no reason to stay hungry at home with the COVID-19 panic in the air. Food delivery platforms are available 24/7 to offer you services even outside business hours. You are free to choose and schedule the preferred delivery time and pick up location.
  • Payment security – Online security is crucial when it comes to making online payments. Consumers are also skeptical about making online payments. This is the reason that most online food delivery investors have come up with payment security models to ensure that their customers are safe and happy with the delivery system. This is important as many people are looking forward to saving money more than losing during the pandemic.
  • Customer can track their orders- Where else can you order food and have the opportunity to track your order? Through online food delivery apps, you can track the status of your food delivery. You can tell when the food is being prepared, on its way, or when it has been picked. As the owner of the service, it is important to ensure that you have incorporated the above features into your application to maintain customers for long. Offer your customers great coupon deals to allow them to enjoy discounts from time to time to add to the customer’s experience. Uber Eats offers their customers Uber Eats promo codes as a reward.
  • Customers can easily buy food supplies in bulk – Food delivery platforms have allowed customers to make bulk purchases of food supplies. This is important as it cuts grocery costs and saves you money. When shopping physically, many consumers avoid bulk buying because of weight. As you stay safe at home, food delivery platforms give you the chance to add bulk products to your shopping list.

Online Coupon

Smart shopping skills are necessary during the coronavirus pandemic. As one smart shopper, take advantage of coupon deals to help purchase your brands for less. They offer you a life-saving opportunity especially now that you need to maintain consumption levels and save money at the same time. Make sure you obtain the available coupon code from the food delivery platforms to save you from overspending. You only need to visit their sites online and pick the coupons for the desired products.

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