The Pandemic Made People Spend More on These Five Items

The Covid-19 crisis defined how consumers do their shopping. There are still many who would rather do their shopping in physical stores. But more people also migrated online to lessen their need to go out.

When it comes to what they are shopping for the most, the list goes from toilet paper, masks, alcohol, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, and bleach. But other industries are booming mid-pandemic after consumers went on demanding more of their products.


Car sales went up after we were told how the virus can easily be transmitted in enclosed spaces like public transport vehicles. Now, many are using their private cars instead of taking a bus, taxi, or ride-sharing services. But aside from cars, boat and bicycle sales soared high during the crisis.

Many people who can’t afford to buy their car turned to bicycles. Others invested in their bikes as a way to be more sustainable. For others, they used this as a strategy to become more active.

Boat sales also surged mid-pandemic. The demand was so high that many boat suppliers had a long waiting list from people intending to make a purchase. They found that boats are a Covid-safe way to move around, keep themselves entertained, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Fishing Tackles

Accurate reels, sinkers, hooks, rods, lines, and all sorts of fishing tackles are hard to find during the pandemic. This is after many people started hoarding fishing tackles they could take for their fishing trips. Even if many fishing sites were closed or only accept minimal guests, that did not stop many fishing enthusiasts from buying their gear.

Being locked up indoors made people realize just how much they miss being around the water. They crave the quiet and serene experience only fishing can bring. They brought their families with them, with some even buying their fishing boats.

Along with the increase in the number of fishing enthusiasts, fishing license sales soared by up to 40%. This is because most states require everyone to acquire a license before fishing. This is to help protect fish populations.


A recession is waving mid-crisis but that did not stop home buyers from making a home purchase. For one, the shelter in place orders made people prioritize their health. Renting a unit with multiple others in a building made them make the drastic move.

Others moved to another house in the suburbs. They want more space, a bigger yard, and a lower mortgage each month. Most buyers leveraged on the low mortgage rates.

Many took advantage of getting a home loan approval after mortgage rates reached an all-time low. However, because of the high demand for houses for sale, sellers are now holding back, resulting in higher home prices and low supply.

Baking Supplies

We currently have a flour shortage during the crisis. Bread sales are up, especially those that last for a long time. This is because bread is a common commodity that does not cost as much as other food.

Many consumers also turned into bakers after many learned and rekindled their love for baking. They learned baking recipes to share with their family. They are also using this as a technique to keep their kids engaged in a productive hobby.

For most consumers, they turned to baking to relieve their stress. This is because baking triggers all of our senses. One can experiment with the ingredients and tailor the taste and appearance according to one’s preferences.

Baking also helps boost one’s confidence. You can get that sense of accomplishment after successfully whipping up baked goodies. Now, many people are reaping the health benefits baking has to offer.

Gardening Supplies

Another activity many people are focusing on is gardening. Many now have at least one indoor plant inside their homes. Some people went from buying potted plants to creating their own backyard garden and nursery.

Many people can’t afford to enjoy the great outdoors during the lockdown. So, they decided to bring nature into their home. All around the world, plant, and gardening sales went up.

Even homeowners who used to have a love-hate relationship with tending to their yards now have a change of heart. Now, more yards are blooming. Many homeowners continue to improve their yards and are spending more on their landscaping.

People turned to different activities as a way to cope with the pandemic. Many turned to shopping for the things they could use to relieve their stress. This goes to show how big of a difference a crisis can make. It did not only change how we shop for things but what we buy and how we spend our money.

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