Parties You Need to Throw at Least Once in Your Life

Social distancing and a worldwide pandemic might make the idea of a party inappropriate, but now more people realize the importance of social gatherings. Bonds are created, and old ones are strengthened. So when countries begin to ease lockdown restrictions, most people might want to gather once more to celebrate, have fun, and enjoy life.

So when your country’s lockdown restrictions ease, you can throw these parties because they can be a source of great and beautiful memories.

Surprise Party

Some people might not like surprises, but throwing a surprise party, whether it’s a birthday or a welcome party, can be exciting in the planning. Part of the fun is the secrecy in the planning: conspiring with friends and family, gathering information, and making party preparations without making your target suspect anything. So when the day happens, and your subject is truly surprised, that’s when you get the payoff: making that one person in your life realize how valuable and loved they are.

House Party

You need to hold a house party at least once in your life, whether in high school or when you’re in college. You can hang out with your friends and even meet new ones from their extended network. So you would have an enjoyable time, move the furniture in your home, and store valuable items away from your designated party areas.

Create zones in your home, where people could dance, where people could relax, and where people could talk. Lock rooms where you don’t want people to go, and have different types of music for these zones, so your guests wouldn’t stay in only one area.

Make sure you have snacks and drinks. You could hire a sandwich-catering service so you won’t have to worry about food and drinks. But you should make a guest list. Invite only people you know, and inform your neighbors near your Salt Lake City home that you are going to have a party. That way, you won’t be burning bridges; instead, you’re making new connections.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Even if you are not the one who is getting married, you could throw this kind of party for a friend or relative. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, it’s a chance to share one last night of fun with your single friends. If you’re the one planning it, you should not be confined in thinking about the traditional ideas of a bachelorette party. Make the party about the subject, and whether they prefer a raucous night or a weekend at a spa, planning this party gives your loved one the chance to enjoy their single life one last time.

Costume Party

Costumes can be fun not only during Halloween but also as a theme for a party. People like the idea of dressing up, and the popularity of cosplay and makeup, gives people the chance to explore their favorite characters, television shows, and even celebrities. It’s best if you choose a theme, but don’t make it a strict one. Let your guests enjoy the party because it’s not about the costume or the theme, it’s about enjoying everyone’s company.

For an unforgettable costume party, choose a unique theme that you’ve never done before, something like a medieval-era- or Renaissance-themed party. Everyone can dress up as medieval-era or Renaissance characters: lords and ladies, knights, royals, or peasants. And you can decorate the venue to look like a medieval-era castle or tavern. You can get as extra as you want to; it’s your party, after all.

In this time of social distancing and home isolation, a party might be the last thing on your mind. But you also know that there’s nothing like a party to make people realize how valuable life is.

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