Partition Ideas for your House

House partitions can divide large rooms or studios or loft apartments into different spaces dedicated to different uses. You can use one space for the living area, and the other as a bedroom or separate a family space from a work area. When partitioning the house, you can be as creative as you want. A carefully planned house partition will enhance the look and feel of the house in no time. Let us explore the different types of partitions to use for your house.

Types of House Partitions:

Brick Partition Walls: Black partition walls are made up of bricks and are quite common and easy on the pocket.

Clay Partition Walls: Clay or terracotta blocks are the building units that can either be solid or hollow.

Glass Partition Walls: Light, cheap, and easy to be installed the glass partitions provide privacy and sufficient insulation from the sound. Glass sheets or hollow blocks of glasses are the units that are used to create the partitioning.

Concrete Partition Walls: Plain concrete blocks that are supported laterally by vertical members make up concrete partition walls.

Plaster Slab Partition Walls: Plasterboards or slabs made from plaster of Paris or burnt gypsum and combined with sawdust or some other fibrous material are used for this type of house partition.

Metal Partition Walls: Thin, durable, and strong, metal lath partition walls which are resistant to fire are also in demand these days.

AC or GI Sheet Partition Walls: Asbestos cement sheets or galvanized sheets attached to steel or wooden frames form these types of house partitions.

GI Sheet Partition Walls

Wood Wool Partition Walls: Long and tangled wood fibers, which are compacted and bound together with plaster or cement are good materials for partition walls. Such walls are great for sound and heat insulation.

Timber Partition Walls: A wooden framework is either supported by sidewalls or the floor below. The timbers are arranged side by side and maybe covered with boarding or plaster on either side.

Creative Ideas for House Partitions

Let us get a little creative and see how we can use house partitions with style and finesse.

Screens: You can have a room within a room without destroying the aesthetics. Wooden slatted screens are a highly popular way of separating one space into two divisions without making it look clumsy.

Curtains and Blinds: If you don’t want a permanent separation, just use a curtain or blind and for extra flair, use beaded curtains instead of plain ones. The beads can be made from bamboo, plastic, wood, or acrylic which adds to the style element of the space.

Open Shelving: Open shelving is another creative partitioning where you can store items as well.

Sliding or Fixed Glass Partitions: If you want partitions to double up as windows and look really classy, then you can have these sliding or fixed glass partitions.

Counters: An innovative way of dividing a kitchen space from a dining or living area is to have a counter or island set up. You can even use it as a breakfast counter.

Sectional Sofas: An easy way to create partitions is to have a large L or C-shaped sofa create a boundary for the living space. The room is not blocked off, yet it is demarcated into two separate areas.

House partitions can space out a house as per the needs of the family members. It is a cost-friendly way to divide rooms as per the need without the hassles of investing in permanent wall construction. Moreover, you can keep experimenting with house partitions in terms of style since they are portable pieces.

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