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People You Need To Have On Speed Dial As A Professional Driver

Accidents are inevitable and unpredictable, so you always have to be prepared in case anything happens to you or your car. When an accident occurs, you should immediately call for service to keep things under control. Therefore, it is important to have contact numbers of the right people readily accessible in case something goes wrong along your way.

Here are some of the people whose contact numbers you need to have on speed dial as a professional driver.


Vehicle Towing and Recovery

As you know, as a professional driver, accidents, and vehicle breakdowns are common on the road and you should be prepared for any unexpected eventuality. As such, you should have the contact number of someone that works for a company that offers towing and auto recovery services on speed dial.  Professionals at Geyers Towing help provide information to drivers on the appropriate service they can get in case of an accident or breakdown. Your vehicle can be towed if it can still move after a breakdown. Alternatively, you can also get auto recovery services when your vehicle is stuck such that it cannot be towed.


Emergency Services

When you are involved in an accident, the first thing you should do is check if you are safe. Also, check the safety of the other people involved in the crash. When you or anyone has been seriously injured in the accident, you should immediately call for emergency services. You should have the number on speed dial to ensure you do not waste time scrolling down through contacts to reach it.


Number of Your Insurer 

speed dial is your insurer

The other important number that you should have on speed dial is your insurer. When an accident occurs, it might be a result of someone’s fault and in such a scenario you will be eligible for compensation. Your insurer should know that you have been involved in an accident so that they can make an assessment to help determine the right amount of money required for repairs to the damaged vehicle. If you delay reporting the accident to the insurer, you may encounter challenges when you want your vehicle to be repaired.


Next of Kin

It is also crucial to have your next of kin on speed dial. When you are traveling alone and encounter a problem, it is important to inform your next of kin. They can make a follow up with different service providers to ensure you get the assistance that you may need when you are stranded.  

As a professional driver, it is essential to know that anything can happen on the road, and in such a scenario you will need to call for assistance. It’s important to always be prepared beforehand. In most cases, many people are often shocked and terrified after an accident such that they may behave abnormally. While this is common, the person’s reaction time may be affected which can cause some delays in calling for assistance. To avoid this, you should have critical numbers on speed in case you encounter something horrible along your way. 

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