Perfect Gemstones to Add to Your Collection

So, you are looking to expand your gemstone collection. Perhaps you don’t know where to start or perhaps there are simply just too many great options to choose from. Below we have curated a list of the best five gemstones to add to your collection to help you get started.

Gemstones are very personal items to own. Each has its own unique properties and even if you are just choosing based on the color, then you have many options to choose from. Make sure you consider the properties of any gemstones that you already have to find out what you are missing and what can enhance your collection.



First discovered in Labrador, Canada (hence the name) Labradorite is a gemstone that has a lot more to offer than you may first think. Its wonderfully reflective coloring makes it a beautiful piece for the eye, but it also a very good gemstone to own in terms of healing.

Known as the “stone of magic”, labradorite is used to treat many illnesses. It is useful particularly for problems with the brain and eyes. Its usefulness with the brain means that it can help with anxiety and depression.


Amethyst is a stunning deep purple gemstone that is widely recognized as one of the best gemstones to own. Its broad healing properties mean that it is wonderfully calming and aids with spirituality. Its calming nature means that it removes bad and toxic energies, helping to keep you relaxed and at peace.



As an earth stone, agate helps to remain calm, balanced, and connected to the earth. This means that it brings you stability and a sense of being “grounded”. Agate is not as strong or intense an experience as with other stones, but this does not mean that they work any less.

There are many different types of agate and depending on which properties you will benefit from you can choose different types. For example, blue lace agate helps with communication and bonding through words, whereas fire agate gives a sense of passion for living and vitality. Two types of agate with very different effects!


Known for its use in jewelry as fossilized tree sap amber also helps with healing, this time with comfort. Its warming properties mean that you will be able to lift your spirits if you are struggling. It attracts good luck and helps to remove worries.



Apatite stone is a spiritual stone related to psychic abilities. It increases your motivation and rids you of doubts. It is a balancing stone that affects communication, meditation, and calmness. There are a few colors, such as blue (which helps with communication in particular) and yellow (which helps with concentration).

There is a gemstone for every property that you could ever need. Above we have listed our top five to cover a general basis and that can help most people in their everyday life. Depending on your needs, and what gemstones you already have in your possession, these may be the perfect gemstones to add to your collection.

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