Perfect Packing Tips for Your Summer Getaway

Let’s face it: effortless takes time to master, right? The fact that it’s summer means that you need to work a little harder for all those aspects of your look to stay exactly the way you like them.

The heat alone is enough to play havoc on your pores, while outfitting can become an instant nightmare if you don’t mind your fabrics. To build your own effortless summer getaway bag, we’ve come up with a few must-haves you should always keep on the list.

Pamper your sizzling skin

Two days is enough to do some damage, so be sun-smart. Starting with your skincare kit, you need to nourish that complexion of yours with generous goodies that will cleanse, pamper, and protect.

Your little carry-on bag always needs face-friendly wet wipes, not just for makeup (think minimal thoughts ladies, makeup is your winter game), but for refreshing after and during a flight or that road trip of yours.

Pamper your sizzling skin
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Every cleanse needs a follow-up in the form of the right nourishment, so keep a moisturizer close at hand. Multipurpose gals love toners that double as mists and hydrating creams all in a single go. If your pores are rather thirsty and you’re headed to an exceptionally hot destination, make sure to pack a tiny bottle of facial oil.

Finally, never ever forget your precious sunscreen – healthy skin is beautiful skin, ladies. Oh yes, and never leave your home without a summer-licious lip balm handy.

Think in light layers

Of course, there can be no summer getaway without a selection of outfits to keep your stylish self happy. However, since we’re talkin’ summer, you need to think very light thoughts. Although celebs will have you think that skinny jeans are the most comfortable pick for a long flight – rest assured you’ll need an alternative.

Sleek and simple cotton tees are your best friends during summer, while slip-on floral dresses and linen pants are easy to pair with your button-downs.

Of course, what’s a trip without evening wear, especially if you plan a classy outing? Pick one little black dress and you’re good to go.

Also, playsuits and jumpsuits in all kinds of playful patterns are a chic choice for this year, as they can serve as your daytime option with Greek sandals, and your evening dress code with a pair of elegant heels.

Accessories that blend form and function

Show your travel itinerary you mean business with a well-planned accessory list. Every gal knows that a little can go a long way in elevating your look and making it simpler for you to explore.

Where should you keep your cash, credit cards, and your ID? Well, a personalized monogram wallet comes to mind as a great way to perk up your summer style and keep your essentials close at hand.

Another beach and street essential to refresh your summer look can be a braided straw hat – not only will it protect your gentle skin, but it will give some pizazz to your dress code. This is where we can go into an entire essay on choosing the finest pair of eyewear for your face, but as long as you keep those eyes sun-safe, you get to choose if you prefer sleek and modern or retro and timeless.

Sleek tech for a chic look

We live in an app-driven world, so don’t even try to resist the tech temptation. Temptation? Sure, temptation. Let’s skip the part where we tell you that you need your phone, you’re likely skimming through this post on it anyway.

Add a charger to the list, but also download travel apps to point you in the direction of the finest cocktail bars and local artisan stores.

Take your Kindle with you if you’re up for some light reading on your getaway, but can’t settle on a single novel yet. Finally, a pair of noise-canceling headphones will be a godsend for long flights with kids on board. Never underestimate the power of tech to make your getaways infinitely more pleasurable!

Your best foot forward

Our love for athleisure will not wane any time soon, so grab those clean white sneakers and get them road-ready. They’ll be your go-to pair for on-flight time, but also your best choice for hours of sightseeing, in case you’re not in the mood for lazy hours on the beach.

Before you zip up your suitcase, double-check if you have your lightweight Greek sandals ready, since they go with anything and everything. Don’t leave without a single pair of your most essential heels, and not a single maxi dress, playsuit, and even your jeans and tees can stand a chance for a night out.

Have everything on the list all packed and ready to hustle? Then you’re all set for your next summer adventure, with your skin, your soles, your travel accessories, and your stylish soul taken care of no matter if it’s a weekend escape or a ten-day getaway in Greece. 

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