Permanent Birth Control Method For Men, Vasectomy

If you’ve settled down, with a beautiful wife and amazing kids, and you no longer want to have kids in the future, you have probably come across the vasectomy procedure. Of course, this procedure is suitable for any man who is looking for permanent birth control, regardless of whether you are married with kids.

If you do not know much about the vasectomy procedure it might seem a bit scary at first. You can learn more about vasectomy in North Shore or search locally instead. Here is some basic information that can help you learn more about the vasectomy procedure and whether this is a good choice for you.

Vasectomy is a good permanent birth control option

What is a vasectomy?

This is a small operation that is designed to make your semen sterile. It is considered to be a routine procedure that can take about 30 minutes and can be performed in the doctor’s office. You will be able to go home immediately after the procedure.

How is it performed?

Unlike permanent birth control for women called tubal ligation, the vasectomy procedure is simple, fast, and does not have many risks. Your doctor will make tiny incisions on each side of the scrotum. Through those incisions, they will reach your vas deferens, which are tubes in charge of getting your sperm into your semen. By cutting and sealing them off, your semen will become sterile.

No-scalpel vasectomy

Today, there is such a thing as the no-scalpel vasectomy, which means that your doctor will not make tiny incisions. Instead, your doctor will use a device that will make tiny punctures on each side of the scrotum. Through those punctures, your doctor will cut and seal off the vas deferens, to make your semen sterile.

Vasectomy effectiveness

Did you know that vasectomies are considered to be almost 100% effective? There are some very rare cases, where the tubes could rejoin and cause a pregnancy. One thing to keep in mind is that even after you have a vasectomy and you heal, you will have to use protection for as long as it takes for all the sperm to leave your body first.

Side effects and complications

Although vasectomies are considered to be generally safe, just like every other procedure it does carry some risks and possible complications. However, complications during the procedure are very rare… they could include some bruising, infection, and inflammation. They tend to not be that serious, and if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact your doctor:

  • Feeling a lot of pressure, ache, or discomfort in your scrotum.
  • Sperm granuloma.
  • Hydrocele.
  • Spermatocele.

Benefits and recovery

The benefits of the vasectomy procedure are quite straightforward. If you do not want to have children in the future, this is a great option for permanent birth control. If you have a regular partner you can trust, it also means that you do not have to use protection. A vasectomy is also a lot less likely to cause issues compared to tubal ligation. It is less expensive and can be done in 30 minutes.

Once you are home from your vasectomy procedure, you should rest. You will recover completely in less than a week. Many men have said that it took about 3 days for them to be able to go back to work. It is normal to feel a bit sore. The swelling and pain can be treated with ice, and you can also wear a jockstrap for support.

When can you have sex again?

After the procedure is done, give it a couple of days. You need to wait until your wound heals completely, and you should use birth control until your semen is fully free of sperm. You can check your sperm count in the doctor’s office, to be 100% sure.

Debunking the myths

A lot of men think that a vasectomy will affect their libido and performance in bed. But that is completely false. The only thing that a vasectomy procedure will do is cause your semen to become sterile. You will still have the same desires for sex, your sex drive will not change, and even your semen production will stay the same. Check out Vasectomy Australia for more information.

It’s a big decision

The vasectomy procedure is designed to make you sterile, so it is not a decision to be made lightly. Make sure that you thought this through, and that you talked to your closest. If you are 100% sure you will not want kids in the future, then go through with the procedure.

Permanent Birth Control Method For Men

Do not make this decision on your own!

Final word

Compared to tubal ligation, the vasectomy procedure has fewer risks and complications and the recovery process is a lot faster. So, if you and your partner are looking for permanent birth control options, the vasectomy procedure is a great decision.

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