Personal Growth Affects Your Health

Personal Growth Affects Your Health
Personal Growth Affects Your Health

Are a Personal Growth Affects Your Health? First you need to understand what personal growth is. It can best be explained as a process that produces personal changes and progress. The key to personal growth is that the process starts from inside yourself.

To make changes you need to commit to make changes which include:
• Learning to understand yourself
• Taking steps to Improve your awareness
• Working on your attitude
• Believing in yourself and in your potential
• Developing your skills
• Setting goals
• Begin with the end in mind

Negative feelings have been shown to cause spikes in your hormones. This is very true for people who are dealing with stress, depression, anxiety and sadness. These spikes then suppress your immune system affecting your health both physically and mentally.

Your goal is to learn how to have a more positive state of mind. One way to do this is through personal growth. For many people taking the time to really understand themselves is key and one stumbling block comes in expressions. Are you scared or fearful of showing your emotions?

The next time you are worrying about something write out your feelings on paper, if you don’t feel like talking to someone. This way you can express how you are feeling and the action of writing it out allows you to understand where your feelings are coming from.

If necessary you may need to seek help for a certain problem, don’t allow fears to overwhelm you. If you feel medical help isn’t an answer then reach out to a close friend or family member.

If you are feeling depressed and down and don’t know why, take a look at the people in your social circle. Are they all feeling the same way? Negative people attract other negative people so if you want to make positive changes start mixing with people who are happy, calm and successful. These feelings will rub off on you!

Other areas to work on improving include your skill set. Acquiring new skills can help lead you to a better paying job. This can lead you to being able to live a better quality of lifestyle which will have an impact on your health.

So take a good look inside yourself today and see what changes you can begin.

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