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It is interesting to see all the many training programs out there that people use in their training regimen, whether it is for physical strength training, muscular development, or cardiovascular, there are many types of training but which is the best way to employ?

Today, we are going to give you some great fitness training and personalize your training to move forward and have the best type of training program according to your goals. A wide spectrum of training comes to mind for many, given that most people have different goals to accomplish.

This subject will cover some top training methods that will best accomplish your goal, whatever that goal may be, whether you are serious about adding muscle to your frame, or simply looking to lose weight and get into better shape. There are also various types of sports that people train for, this will cover a wide majority of sports training as well.

Adding muscle to your frame

There are different ways to go about adding muscle to your frame, but the best one that I have found is doing supersets. Supersets are when you perform two exercises together in the same set, these exercises can either be of the same muscle or two different muscle groups.

The preferred way that I perform these is opposing muscles such as the biceps and triceps together in a superset or back and shoulders together in a superset. I don’t always perform supersets in my workouts, I choose to mix things up a bit, but I have found that the best way to build muscle size, in general, is to perform supersets.

For example, when training arms I will superset biceps and triceps together, I will perform a set for biceps followed immediately by a set for triceps and then take a 60-second break before I move on to my next superset. Supersets are great for developing a full pump in a region such as the upper arms or any other similar muscle groups that you are combining.

Developing strength

The best way to develop strength is by performing compound exercises. The best form of compound exercises for the chest would be the bench press, the back is the barbell rows, wide grip chins, and deadlifts, and for legs would be squats and deadlifts.

Along with performing compound exercises for strength, it is also best to follow a lower rep system such as 1 to 6 reps per set, and rest longer in between each set, for as much as two minutes between sets to regain the strength needed for your next power move.

Losing weight

The best system for losing weight is the HIIT training program. This program revolves around doing several high-intensity exercises back-to-back with no rest in between and low to high-intensity levels of training alternated.

HIIT training program is a popular one for weight loss because it is great for increasing your heart rate and increasing your cardiovascular system while getting in shape and improving your overall health.

If you are not accustomed to a regular workout program, I would suggest checking with your Health Physician first before getting started on a program of this high-intensity nature.

Getting in shape and staying in shape

As covered in the last section, HIIT training is a beneficial way to get in and stay in shape as well, but another great training program that you can incorporate is circuit training.

Circuit training can not only be performed with cardiovascular moves but can also be incorporated with weight training moves. The advantage of doing circuit training is it will help to give your cardiovascular a boost as well as work your muscles and strength training.

In-circuit training, you can perform a high number of exercises in one set such as 5 to 10 exercises, and you will be moving swiftly from one exercise to the next, the difference with this program compared to HIIT training is you will be taking more of a rest between your circuit training set such as 30 seconds to a minute.

Training for sports

There can be a wide range of physical fitness activities that you can get involved in when training for various styles of sports. There is HIIT training, circuit training, and various types of cardiovascular exercise such as riding a bike, jogging, swimming, and canoeing just to name a few.

Aside from various types of specific training specialized for a sport such as football, football players have their on-field training and various other similar types of training specified for what type of physical demands the game puts on their bodies.

There are other types of training that you can put into action such as the farmer’s walk and the wrestler’s bridge, both of these exercises are great for building strength and endurance which will come in handy for the demands that their sport throws at them.

Some exercises will help to develop your strength in the form of explosive moves such as box jumps, this exercise helps to develop speed and quickness and will develop explosive strength in your legs which comes in handy for field sports.


We could get into more in-depth training tactics that people can use for sports or any type of physical fitness training, but these principles that I have outlined should be a pretty basic guideline as to some typical training principles that one might use according to what their goals are.

For a more in-depth guide on some of these principles, you can simply click on any one of the links that I have provided and they will take you to related content that I have written and can give you a little more insight on how some of these principles work.

To get you moving along a little better on your goals other than your training and diet needs, you can check out some supplementation products that might help give you the boost that you need to meet the high demands that you put on your body with your training.

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