Pet Euthanasia: How Will You Know it is The Time?

Pet, when we buy any pet for ourselves, we usually think about their likes and dislikes. What things they are interested in, what type of food they want to eat, which kind of house we must buy for them so that they feel most comfortable in it. We want everything to be according to them so that it can feel valued.

Everything in this world is temporary, and so is the life of every human being, although it is a harsh reality, we just need to accept this reality so that we can move on from this situation.

What is euthanasia?

It is a process in which injection is used to make your pet sleepy and then euthanized it by the fluid which is sometimes of pink, purplish tone with a thick texture making the pet unconscious and leading them towards the slow breathtaking and within seconds due to cardiac arrest without any painful death they departed in seconds.

If you want to euthanize your pet, at home you can do that by hiring a home service can come to euthanize your pet at home.


It is very difficult for the pet owner as well as the vet also as it is the toughest time for a vet to give a treatment that will eventually cause death to the pet. And for a vet who is working to give life to innocent creatures giving the treatment of death makes him feel very bad at some point in time after all vet is also a human being and he has his feelings.

Some signs will make you understand that the time has arrived, that is:

The pet is in a serious type of chronic pain that cannot be cured and controlled by medical treatment; the vet will give you an idea of what kind of pain a pet is suffering

  • The pet is having vomiting and diarrhea problems, repeatedly, causing the pet to dehydrate and because of weight loss and losing any interest in playing activities or responding to them most frequently.
  • The pet has stopped eating, and drinking makes, them feel unconscious and not feeling good (laziness and dizziness).
  • You have to force them to eat food and force them to take part in activities.
  • Instead of taking part in daily activities, he wants to sit at the corner of the house silently all day. And he is eventually losing interest in activities which he loved before.
  • Because of weakness, he cannot have the ability to talk or walk even though he cannot stand on his legs and falls while trying to walk.
  • The pet is so much incontinent, which causes him to soil
  • He has lost all hopes and desires of surviving and will not want to get attention from the members of the house of his owner
  • The pet may also suffer from serious chronic labored and continuous coughing making the pet distressed.


When you have discussed with the vet clearly about the disease and making your mind clear regarding the treatment, it is very important to discuss this final decision with your family members so that they will be with you in this tough situation.

For the process, the pet will be put on the table along with the blanket, so that he will be comfortable enough, the trained staff of vets will handle this situation, and then an intravenous injection will be given to the pet making him feel sleepy and unconscious and later on euthanasia treatment will be done, and within no time your pet is gone. Mostly, in dogs and cats, the front leg is injected. Moreover, the first injection consists of an anesthetic solution, causing them to the unconscious and slow down the heartbeat of a pet.

During the whole process, the vet and its team will give you space to see the entire treatment, but you also have to give the vet and team a space to get the treatment done.

When the treatment is complete, your vet will confirm the death of the pet by checking the heartbeat. Also, because of muscle relaxation, the pet’s body will pass some fluids like urine and the noise of muscles which look like your pet is still alive, but this is not true. You may get some time with your pet after the procedure.

There is not a single rule to be followed by the vet for this treatment, but it is only made easier for your beloved best friend by knowing about the medical conditions he is facing or might have to face due to his illness. Always look for the things that are beneficial for the pet and consider every situation with a practical view so that it will not get difficult for both of you.


After the whole process, your vet gives you a different option for the resting place of your beloved pet. He may ask you your opinion of choice either to bury your pet in your backyard or cremation can also be chosen by most people and later on take the ashes of the pet with you, you have both options given by your vet. Choose them accordingly. In the US, there are many cemeteries for burying the pet.


When your pet has gone too far, you need to relax by going to places of the choice of your pet and enjoy the memories that you have shared with your pet earlier. Look for the things that were your favorite of your pet recall the time you have enjoyed with the pet and the bonding you have shared.

Also, if you want to adopt a pet so that you will not have a feeling of loneliness, then go and look for the adoption centers and search for your pet. Searching for the pet and giving the same time, feeling and attention will not only help you feel good, but it will also help you to have a new friend.


Everything comes with an expiry date, and so is every living thing. To have the final stage of saying goodbye to your loved one, you have to be strong enough so that it will not get difficult for the pet and the pet owner. Try to work on the things that will help your pet make it easier and get relaxed from all the difficulties that your pet might have been facing in the last couple of months.

Remember, the relaxation you are providing to your pet will give you satisfaction for your whole life, while it is a tough situation for you to say a last goodbye to your beloved pet.

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