Photo Editing Guide: What You Need to Know About VSCO

If you want an effortless and nostalgic feel on your Facebook or Instagram photos, then maybe it’s time for you to use photo editing applications and make your pictures look uniform and good. And among the recommended apps to do the work is VSCO. Enhancing and editing your photos the way you want it is effortless with the help of this app. But if it’s your first time to use it, here’s what you need to know about the vsco app.


VSCO Camera

The camera feature of this app is way better than some camera stock apps. Users can access the camera of VSCO from its main menu, and they can find the camera icon in the bottom-left part of the phone screen. Also, in its “Library,” you can find the image for the camera at the bottom part of the screen. You can select the icon either from its “Library” or the main menu to access the camera. Users can also shift from its front camera to the rear camera by selecting the button for reverse at the top part of the screen. Clicking once on your screen with the camera will set its exposure and focus simultaneously.


How to Take a Photo

Capturing a photo is easy, with the help of this app. At the lower part of the screen, tap any part of the gray bar. Users can also adjust the exposure and focus of the photos manually by pressing their screen with two fingers, and two circles will show on your screen. After that, set those circles in a proper place by tapping them twice individually.

Place those circles on the part of the picture that you need to focus on the edits and settings. Once those circles are in place, you need to proceed in the advanced settings. By tapping the ring with the dot at the top part of your screen, users can access its settings, and they can find the following: Advanced Controls, White Balance, Shutter Button, Grid Icon, and Flash Settings.


VSCO Library

Before users can edit videos and photos on this app, they need to proceed to the Library. Remember that VSCO’s library is not the same as the photo library or camera roll of your phone. The pictures you have directly taken on this app will only appear in the photo library. If you want to import photos to the library of this app, tap the “+” button that you can find in the upper middle of the screen. Then choose the image that you need to import to the library of VSCO.

If you want to find a certain picture on its folders, tap “All Photos” at the upper middle part of the screen, and from there, you’ll see the camera roll folders.



Now that you know some of the features of this app, it’s time for you to download VSCO and experiment with your photos. Explore with its features, such as presets and camera to enhance your photos and make them look like taken from a film camera. Share your work on social media and create an artsy impression from your followers or friends.

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