How to Pick Your Dreamy NYC Office – Everything You Need to Consider

The Big Apple has long been considered the Promised Land when it comes to business. Startups, entrepreneurs, and adventurous souls have been flocking there from around the globe for generations, eager to experience the vibrant business environment of the city. Despite its many opportunities, however, New York City can also offer many hazards, especially when it comes to the office you choose for your business.

How do you know where to start your office hunt from? Here goes nothing!

Pick the Right Neighborhood

Before jumping to conclusions and choosing favorites, you must be well aware of your budget. There are significant differences between office rents in Manhattan, for example, as opposed to those in Brooklyn and Queens.

For prestige, one would naturally pick Manhattan; for innovation hubs, you might want to consider Flatiron and Chelsea; and if you’re going to save up on high costs, Brooklyn and Queens should be your top choices. Of course, your industry is another determinant in the office equation in terms of infrastructure requirements, geographical clusters, and more.

Location, Location, Location (It’s not just about the neighborhood)

Once you have chosen the neighborhood, it comes the tricky part of picking the exact location. Bear in mind that the proximity of banks, restaurants, coffee shops, and even pharmacies is crucial for your employees and clients. Having different food choices for their lunch breaks is not something you should neglect. Public transport links should also be available.

Do Not Underestimate Connectivity

It is the 21st century, and nearly every company uses technology to operate. However, some need it more than others. If your business is data-intensive and things like VoIP, video conferencing, web access, and instant messaging are part of your everyday operations, you will want an office with a reliable tech infrastructure. You don’t want to lose clients over a lousy Internet connection, do you?

Consider Non-Traditional Office Solutions

If you are on a tight budget and are just now developing your business, you might want to consider shared office space NYC. They provide a cost-effective option to get you started in a friendly, highly productive environment. Co-working communities are also a great source to do some networking. Essentially, you have access to like-minded professionals who are just as eager to expand their network as you. Who knows, your next big client or future business partner might just be one desk away from you!


Even if you think you have found the perfect office space from the get-go, do not jump right into renting it. Take the time to compare pricing (are there hidden fees?), surrounding businesses, contract details, the view, everything. An office can seem perfect when seen as a standalone option. But once you compare it, you will truly know what its benefits and downsides are.

No matter what anybody says, the Big Apple has something for everyone. Sometimes, you just need to look hard enough. Who knows, the perfect office might just be right under your nose!

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