PIF V6 Benefits for Small Agri Businesses in Australia

PIF V6 is a tool introduced by the AFGC Authorised Food Data System to streamline the process of data creation, recording, and sharing in the food industry. As a small agribusiness, you could leverage the online tool to manage your data at a centralized location with minimal cost and effort.

According to the AFGC guidelines, a business could choose to work with any of the approved PIF vendors, like Bizcaps, to implement PIF V6 as a part of their business solution. In this article, we will take a look at the different benefits the tool offers small businesses.

PIF V6 Benefits for Small Agri Businesses in Australia

Streamline Data Reporting and Recording

The aim of AFGC in introducing PIF V6 is to move away from the traditional Excel format of PIF V5 and provide users with a centralized solution that is easy to use. In case of any law or regulation changes in the food industry, you would have to pay special attention; the same would be captured in PIF V5. 

With PIF V6, all such law changes have been considered and are available on the online portal. For example, it has provisions for:

  • Samples
  • Flavors
  • Country of Origin
  • Allergen
  • Ingredient breakdown

Use Data to Your Advantage

When you have data stored in a streamlined manner in a centralized location, accessing, searching, and analyzing becomes a more straightforward process. There is a lot of data contained in these PIFs. Depending on your access level, you can search for the current and previous versions of PIFs, leverage the data available, make comparisons, study them, and derive information that could be useful to your small agribusiness.

Create, Manage, and Share Information with Ease

The process of creating PIFs, updating them, and sharing them with different vendors and customers has become user-friendly. You no longer have to check multiple Excel sheets, cross-reference data, or look for specific product information. Depending on the PIF vendor you choose, for example, Bizcaps, you could implement their software solution to easily create, manage, and share information. 

Access PIF Online

PIF V6 can be accessed via an online portal than standalone Excel sheets. Using the online portal provided by any of the AFGC authorised PIF vendors, you can create, store, and access data online. Version control becomes easier, and you can control who can access your business data and how. 

You feed in data onto the online portal, and it will send out the document to any vendor or customer you wish to send it out to. The portal could also have advanced features like prompting to send out PIFs to concerned parties once any updates are made.

Affordable Pricing Plans by PIF Vendors

You don’t need to choose to work with any of the authorized PIF vendors by AFGC. You could decide to build an in-house solution by contacting the AFGC to discuss the possibility of such an option. Please note, that an in-house system will cost you considerable dedicated IT and technical resources. 

As a small agribusiness, you would better utilize your limited resources by implementing a solution by one of the authorized PIF vendors. You could compare the vendors’ affordable pricing plans, different services, and customer care before you decide.     

PIF V6 offers users the opportunity to streamline and optimize the process of creating, storing, accessing, analyzing, and sharing data. Instead of maintaining a standalone Excel sheet, the business can feed in data at a centralized location and have better version control using the online portal.

Implement the PIF V6 solution by contacting any of the AFGC authorized and monitored vendors like Bizcaps and leverage the power of data to scale your business.

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