Pikler Triangles And Climbing Arches To Decorate Your Kid’s Room

Emmi Pikler was a distinguished educator and a doctor. She came up with the idea of how to keep a child safe when they are playing in the nursery without constraining their movement. Therefore, while conducting her studies she formulated the Pikler approach: the principles which help children to develop and avoid getting injuries at home.

One of the most important factors that Pikler mentioned in her work is special furniture for kids: to ensure safe conditions for kids’ development parents have to give their children space where they can comfortably crawl, run, play, and fall.

The best way to help your child develop is to give the kid a chance to explore their room on their own, that is why Pikler furniture is the perfect choice for your nursery! Pikler triangles and different items related to Pikler furniture are well-known all over the world.

What is Pikler furniture?

It is vital to provide the safest furniture for the nursery, Pikler furniture helps the kids to develop their gross motor skills, and it is also a great tool to learn how to stand up, crawl, and walk. By producing furniture for kids, our company aspires to make a contribution to the world and to make sure that children can stay healthy and fulfill their full potential.

What is Climbing furniture?

This kind of furniture lets the child have fun while giving them the chance to develop both their physical and cognitive abilities. Climbing furniture is designed to let the children move by themselves and to prevent them from getting hurt in case they fall. Our main principle is to allow the child to learn to do basic movements by themselves in a safe environment.

The kid who is used to moving freely will be skillful and will grow up to be self-confident. It is useful to implement climbing furniture when the child is 6 months old.

What kind of climbers are there?

We offer different kinds of climbers for kids, for example:

  • Climbing arches
  • Climbing Cubes
  • Pikler triangles
  • Climbing ladders
What is Pikler furniture

What age is a Pikler triangle for?

It is suitable for kids aged 1 to 4 years old.

What are the benefits of a Pikler triangle? Is it worth it?

  • The mountable construction of the stairs lets the children see what is beneath them while they are climbing.
  • The inclined position serves as a support for the child who is not well coordinated yet.
  • The triangle is not very tall; therefore, it is not as dangerous as other sports equipment. However, the child learns how to be more careful while climbing. In case of falling the risk is minimal, as due to the form of the construction the kid is going to be lying on the stairs rather than fall on the floor.
  • The shape lets the kid climb and go down in every direction.
  • The angle of the construction is adjustable.
  • The climbing triangle is quite small, that is why it is easy to keep in every house.
  • It is easy to assemble.

How to decorate your kid’s room with a Pikler triangle?

The Pikler triangle is easy to mix with different elements of Pikler furniture, we offer various sets combining multiple useful items for your kid’s room. However, even individually the Pikler triangle makes the nursery look bright and pleasant. It will look good with colorful wallpaper. The climbing triangle goes well with every style and you can always move it around to find the best place for it.

Moreover, the Pikler triangle can become a great addition to any sports equipment that you already have.

Generally, while deciding how to decorate your kid’s room we offer the following advice:

  • Try using our sensory walls which will allow your kid to get creative.
  • To teach your kid to be organized, keep everything at its height.
  • Remember to add special shelves or boxes for their toys.
  • It is a nice idea to add little stars that glow in the dark on the ceiling.
  • Encourage your kid’s creativity and try putting their artwork on the walls with the help of special boards and paper clips.
  • Try doing some crafts together for the nursery with your kid and display them.

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