Discover the Best Places in Montenegro – The Jewel of the Adriatic Sea

Those of you who have the itch to travel and are looking for new places to explore – look no further than Montenegro; the Adriatic jewel is the only place in Europe with no recorded cases of Coronavirus infection, and that is only one of the great things about the beautiful country. With golden-yellow sandy beaches, green highlands, a view of the gorgeous Adriatic Sea, quaint villages, and a wonderful atmosphere, Montenegro is a must-see country. If the description of the virginal nature in Montenegro isn’t enough to get you to book a ticket, a list of the best places to visit in the country will do the trick:

Herceg Novi

The fortified city of Herceg Novi keeps the UNESCO Bay of Kotor safe with its fortresses dating back centuries ago. Herceg Novi provides the ultimate European experience: old buildings alongside modern attractions. Aside from the fort and the beautiful, ancient churches in Herceg Novi, you will also enjoy a stroll through the magical streets that are lined with bars, cafes, and restaurants.

Herceg Novi is also the location of a pebble pay where you can enjoy watching the waves and swimming in the clear blue waters. If that’s not enough, you can also walk through the 300-meter long olive groves burrow – Žanjic Beach.

Tara Canyon

For those of you who like a little adventure on your trip, Tara Canyon is perfect for you. The Tara Canyon is perfect for white water rafting, and you can also enjoy the view of the breathtaking 150-meter-high bridge that crosses the river. You can choose a rafting level, so even when traveling with family and kids, you will be able to enjoy the activity that is a must when visiting Montenegro.

Budva Riviera

Budva Riviera is one of the most visited places in Montenegro, and for good reason; the central location is filled with gorgeous yachts and nightclubs where locals and tourists can enjoy a bustling atmosphere. Budva Riviera’s beaches are not too shabby, to say the least, and those who enjoy going to the beach will find it hard to leave Budva Riviera’s coastline.

On the waterfront of Budva Riviera, you will also find a stone old town, Stari Grad, where you can walk around through and enjoy the sight of Venetian walls and marble streets. Complete your trip to Budva Riviera with a visit to the Gallery of Modern Art, the town walls, the Budva Museum, and the local churches that provide a historic experience.

Kotor Old Town

Kotor Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site that you will fall in love with. The historic location is the home of the Maritime Museum of Montenegro, ancient relics, old churches, a palazzo for seamen, and Venetian-inspired architecture. After ascending a 1,200-meter route with 14th-century town walls, you will get to see the fjord-like Bay of Kotor (Boka Bay) that will take your breath away. What more could you ask for?

Durmitor National Park

The Durmitor National Park was created by underground streams, rivers, and glaciers, and the limestone massif spreads across 39,000 acres. The park is perfect for hiking and biking thanks to glacial lakes and rocky outcrops that culminate in Bobotov Kuk – the tallest peak in the country that rises to 2,523 meters.

The park also includes 18 glacial lakes called “mountain eyes” and 12 to 16th-century Stecci: carefully crafted clocks and tombstones.

Sveti Stefan Island

The lovely Sveti Stefan Island is lined with red rooftop villas that combine beautifully with the turquoise sea around. Sveti Stefan was once a fishing village where families who wanted to avoid the invasion of Turks and pirates in the 15th century. Keep in mind that only paying guests can enter the island, but the view of the quaint houses, ancient inscriptions, and churches is worth every penny.

Ostrog Monastery

The stunning Ostrog Monastery is carved into a vertical cliff, which is enough to get you to check out the location. Ostrog Monastery is a sacred pilgrimage for many religions and it is surrounded by the equally beautiful Zeta valley.

The Ostrog Monastery was founded in the 17th century by the bishop of Herzegovina Vasilije and the upper Monastery is home to two churches. No one knows who built this part of the Monastery, which adds to its charm and mystique. Behind the Ostrog Monastery, you will find a natural spring that provides fresh drinking water. To arrive at the Ostrog Monastery, you can take one of the tour buses that operate day trips to the location. To enter the shrine, you will need to wear modest clothing.

Montenegro has staved off the Coronavirus, but that is not the only reason to visit the unique country. With beautiful coastlines, ancient architecture, and breathtaking views, you should definitely add Montenegro to your travel list. Like with every trip, make sure you stay safe wherever you go, and if you are traveling with others, find out who they are with a people search on GoLookUp. Plan your trip ahead and go to the must-see spots we mentioned on this list. They will take you on a trip you will never forget.

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