These Places Will Pay You to Live There, But There’s a Catch

The city of Ollolai, Italy, is currently selling homes for only 1 euro in an attempt to rejuvenate the community, but there’s a catch: Home buyers are required to refurbish the homes within three years, which will cost approximately $25,000, CNN reported.

Although this is still a good deal, there are some cities that actually pay you to live there, with some giving away lots for free and others paying residents to move in. But these incentives almost always come with a catch as well.


places pay you live

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2 Any City in Alaska

Any City in Alaska

Residents of Alaska who have lived in the state for an entire calendar year or more are eligible to receive free money from the government in the form of a payment from the Permanent Fund dividend, which is “an annual dividend that is paid to Alaska residents from investment earnings of mineral royalties. The annual payment allows for Alaskans to share in a portion of the State minerals revenue in the form of a dividend to benefit current and future generations,” according to the Alaska Department of Revenue website.

The Catch

To be eligible to receive the payout, you must have resided in Alaska for the entire calendar year. Some absences are permitted by law, though you are expected to demonstrate that you intend to return to Alaska and be a resident indefinitely. If you are absent for two years, you must have spent at least 72 hours in Alaska during the time to be eligible to receive the dividend. In 2017, each Alaskan received $1,100 from the fund, Alaska Public Media reported. Not only will the state pay you to live there, but it’s also one of the seven states with no income tax.


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  1. Clyde says

    The Albinen, Switzerland village council make good decision but
    who live there more then 10 years?
    by the way, in modern life if we want to freedom life where there
    are no noise and lonlyness life that’s would be possible to live there . Thanks for information.

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