These Places Will Pay You to Live There, But There’s a Catch

The city of Ollolai, Italy, is currently selling homes for only 1 euro in an attempt to rejuvenate the community, but there’s a catch: Home buyers are required to refurbish the homes within three years, which will cost approximately $25,000, CNN reported.

Although this is still a good deal, there are some cities that actually pay you to live there, with some giving away lots for free and others paying residents to move in. But these incentives almost always come with a catch as well.


places pay you live

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9 Saskatchewan, Canada.

Saskatchewan, Canada.
Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan is known for its outdoor activities, including freshwater fishing, canoeing, hiking, golf, and horseback riding, but it’s also home to the urban areas of Saskatoon and Regina. The province is trying to lure college graduates with its Graduate Retention Program, which offers tuition rebates.

The Catch

To be eligible for the Graduate Retention Program, you must live and file an income tax return in Saskatchewan. You can receive a rebate of up to $20,000, but the amount of your rebate depends on your program and the amount of tuition you paid. If you attended a one-year certificate, diploma or journeyperson program, your maximum rebate is $3,000; if you attended a two- or three-year certificate or diploma program, your maximum rebate is $6,400; if you attended a three-year undergraduate degree program, your maximum rebate is $15,000; and if you attended a four-year undergraduate degree program, your maximum rebate is $20,000. However, it’s important to note that the rebate is not a cash payout. The rebate is paid out over a seven-year period, during which you must be living and filing income taxes in Saskatchewan; it’s applied directly to the amount of income tax you owe.

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  1. Clyde says

    The Albinen, Switzerland village council make good decision but
    who live there more then 10 years?
    by the way, in modern life if we want to freedom life where there
    are no noise and lonlyness life that’s would be possible to live there . Thanks for information.

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