Places To Meet Women, That Don’t Include The Bar

It seems guys forget one important fact about meeting women. They are everywhere. They are on the street, on the train, on the bus, in cars, in planes; they are in the cafe’s, at the buffet, and quite possibly walking your way. Poor rhyming scheme aside, the point is, it’s not hard to find a woman. Men need to think outside of the bar or the club as the only places to meet. The reason it seems easy to meet women at a bar is that it’s a comfortable environment, with very few expectations. To best meet women, you need to begin with an environment you’re comfortable with. There are many comfortable spaces that don’t involve the bar, here are a few I suggest.

Small Neighborhood Cafe’s (Not Starbucks)

Neighborhood cafés are great places to meet women. Usually, they are small, intimate, comfortable places where people go to work or socialize. In many ways, neighborhood cafes are like bars, but without the alcohol and the sports game in the background. It’s a comfortable social atmosphere that lends itself to similar interactions that can occur at the bar. The beauty of neighborhood cafes is they often don’t become crowded, unbearable venues, like certain popular coffee chains. You can head to a cafe with a book, take a phone call, and possibly, meet someone who shares your choice of latte.

The Bookstore/Library

A place with books is a great place to meet women. It’s also seen as a very traditional place to meet women. Libraries and bookstores are seen as places of solitude and quiet, but they help with introductions quite easily. If you’re looking through the travel section and there’s an attractive woman perusing a particular section you have knowledge about, you could offer some advice. Why should she go to the information desk, if you have just as much knowledge?


The beauty of a meetup is, everyone shares the same tastes. If you join a Chess Meetup, someone isn’t going to seek a game of checkers. If you join a Rollerblade Club, everyone is going to have on a pair of blades. Meetups are centered around a common interest and the beginning of a great conversation. Using a tool like is a great way to explore your interests, meet other like-minded people, and engage in worry-free conversations with women who attend.

On The Train/Subway/Bus

I’ve had many female friends meet my boyfriend on the train. While awkward, public transit is a great avenue for meeting women. Your chances of meeting someone, probably aren’t best during rush hour. Morning rush hours are worse because everyone isn’t a morning person. I’ve found the best times to meet someone new on the train, is during the weekends, or late afternoon/early evening. Don’t underestimate the potential of metro transit!


I had to call an online dating expert, Alex Wise from Loveawake dating site for this one. Yoga is an underrated place to meet women. Most yoga classes lack male participation. The male/female ratio is something like 1 guy for every 10 women. I remember entering a yoga store and having a completely surreal experience. At one point there were three or four women talking to me, trying to invite me to a yoga class they were attending, or trying to find out if I was single. Be warned though, yoga isn’t necessarily a social space, you’re going to have to find your moments to talk to women you find attractive. If you are lucky, they may even approach you.

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