Placing Bets on the Viral Potential of YouTube

YouTube now part of Google has grown to be the largest video platform in the world and data shows that people use it as a search engine. To find anything from the latest gadgets for your car that you can buy on Amazon or Aliexpress to how to decorate a Halloween pumpkin and matching outfit.

“YouTube Celebrities” are now a thing where an unknown can publish a few makeup tips and grow to become a household name and earn millions in the process because they get millions of views on his/her video.

There are thousands of full-time video makers now who make a living from posting videos on YouTube (and not just about makeup). Where their income is derived from merchandising and sponsored ads being clicked on during their video.

In fact, Google’s biggest income generator is ad spend from advertisers bidding to place their ads on videos to capture your attention. That’s why they can afford to pay these YouTubers so much money.


YouTube Algos

YouTube has an algorithm that identifies which video or video channel is popular and adds it to personal feeds or “related videos”. It’s kind of flawed but also kind of why some videos can reach millions of views in a matter of hours. Because the algorithm is pretty bad, it recommends the same videos to everyone.

So, while you may think you get the video about a shop owner confronting an armed robber because you’ve watched videos in the past about self-defense or historical robbery heists, in fact, it’s the same video being propagated to millions of other users who have completely diverse viewing histories.

The algorithm has improved especially since Google bought out YouTube in 2006, but even Google who is the pinnacle of technology and search hasn’t fixed the YouTube recommendations algorithm because of the legacy platform.

Here are some good viral videos that have become overnight sensations and will give you a laugh.

Betting on what can make a Viral Video

We all think we could make the next viral video; we think we know that it has to play on emotions, shock, or pull on heartstrings and maybe feature some cute kid or animal but could we really predict which video is going to be a hit or a flop.

A company in the UK called BetTube tried to create a bookmaker to test exactly this where punters could place bets on which video would be the next internet sensation. Based on the % increase in views, the video that has the biggest % gain in 24 hours would be the winning video, and if you selected that you would be a winner. You play against 4 other punters, choose your video, wager the bet, and wait to see how it performs against the other videos.


Today Online Betting With Bonuses Has More Appeal

Betting online today is the most popular way to get your money down on various markets. There are plenty of weird and wonderful betting opportunities out there similar to the viral betting trend, such as how long will Biden remain president, will aliens visit earth, and even bets on when the world will end, which is the strangest of them all.

However, the most popular and more traditional way of betting today is on sports events. You can find special free bets and bookmakers offers via sign up bonuses as a new member while existing customers also get special bonus bet offers regularly.

Some bookmakers bonus deals also include free spins for online slots. Sometimes you will not need a deposit as the bookmaker gives you a bonus bet just for signing up and testing out their betting platform. For example, bookmakers often place bonus bet offers on special events in Premier League football, and one of the betting markets going viral right now is the Chetham 2021 Festival.

Joining any online bookmakers and getting a free bet offer is easy. A minimum deposit of £5 to £10 can get you up to £30 of free bets on odds with a minimum of 2-1 or 1.5-1. Some give you up to 50% worth of your first deposit in free bets, while others double your winnings on your first or second bet made on the online bookmaker’s platform.


Didn’t really Go Viral

The idea was trialed for demo money and never really took off. That company now is lost in history but the concept they came up with is valid and it plays into our ego of what we consume we THINK we must know. And that we must be good judges of what will be popular or not.

However, having a system that can be manipulated by marketers because there is a financial reward in it kind of defeats the object of having something go viral because it’s no longer boosted by organic sharing but done by financial muscle.

So, the bigger the ad agency or budget for marketing the more money they can pile into either buying views, or publicizing the video and so making the video more and more popular by views. Goodbye, BetTube but we would welcome some other way to gamify the world of viral videos.


Learn from YouTube

YouTube is still a great place to learn gambling tips and betting strategies for sports betting or casino games like this sports betting 101 guide.

Casinos and betting shops used to be frequented by delinquents or dirty old men, but having an easy way to learn and see what happens in such establishments and how to play the games properly, it opens up the world to everyone. Simple to consume free content on YouTube is helping tip the balance back towards the everyday punter.

This is just a basic guide but from being a complete beginner you can subscribe to channels or watch some educational videos that will help you make better choices on some online games and even win money so you don’t have to create a YouTube channel yourself.

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