Plan a Cheap Family Vacation at an Amusement Park

Do you want to plan a fun family vacation, but are you operating with limited financial resources? If so, an amusement park may be the answer to your problems. Right now, you likely think there is no way you can afford a trip to Disneyland. Yes, Disneyland is one of the world’s most well-known amusement parks, but it is not your only option. There are Six Flags, Busch Gardens, and many locally owned and operated parks. Luckily, they are easier to travel to and much cheaper.

Your goal is to save money on your family’s vacation, and an amusement park will help you save money. With that said, you still want to have a good trip. After all, unhappy children are the quickest way to spoil a family vacation. So, how can you ensure your family’s cheap vacation at an amusement park is a success?


Opt for an amusement park you have never visited before. Many states have at least two or three good amusement parks to choose from. If your family needs to drive an additional four hours to get to a new park, do it. It will be a new experience for your children. Leave at night or early in the morning. The long car ride won’t be a huge problem for your kids if you have lots of fun activities and if they can sleep.

Consider making it a two or three-day trip. One of the problems many parents run into is feeling like they are shortchanging their children. If your teenager is used to a weeklong beach vacation, a day trip to the amusement park may not be what she had in mind. Turn it into a vacation by staying one or two nights. Luckily, most amusement parks, like Six Flags and Busch Gardens, are large. Take your time and you could easily spend two or three days exploring the entire park.


As for your staying options, you usually have two. There are usually hotels and campgrounds located near amusement parks, if not right onsite. Camping will be your cheapest option. If you can stay onsite, see if special deals are available for guests. You may get free park admission. If you do have some money to spend and are more worried about the happiness of your children, ask for their input. Would they rather stay at a hotel or camp? Yes, you want to save money, but, if you have money to spend, ensure your children are happy.

Plan your amusement park vacation during the weekday. If you are concerned about missing too much work, schedule your vacation on a Sunday and Monday so that you miss only one day of work. Weekdays are best. Sometimes, you will find lower admission fees. Best of all, the parks are less busy. You and your family will have more fun, as you will spend less time waiting in line.


Look for discounted tickets. Many times, you save money by buying your tickets early. Many grocery stores sell discounted tickets. Discounts are also usually offered on the websites of these parks. In addition to discounted prices, you may find buy one get one free deal, free admission for young children, and so forth. Saving money on admission prices for your family’s amusement park vacation is nice. It gives you more money to spend on souvenirs or games.

Speaking of games, they cost money but are loads of fun. A good approach is to set aside a specific dollar amount, like $10 for each child. Let them know once the money is gone; it is gone. Since games are scattered throughout amusement parks, let your child signal when they want to stop. Yes, they only have a small amount of money to spend playing games, but at least they get to handpick those games. You can also give them the alternative to taking their game money and buy something at a gift shop.


In conclusion, you don’t have to forego your family’s summer vacation this year, even if you are on a budget. An amusement park was informed with fun. There are many ways that you can save money, while still providing your children with a very good time.

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