Planet Fitness Holiday Hours: Keeping Up with Your Fitness Regime During the Festive Season

Planet Fitness holiday hours vary by location, so it is best to check with your local club to confirm their hours. However, here are the general Planet Fitness holiday hours for 2023:

  • New Year’s Day: Closed
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Open regular hours
  • Presidents’ Day: Open regular hours
  • Memorial Day: Open regular hours
  • Independence Day: Open regular hours
  • Labor Day: Open regular hours
  • Thanksgiving Day: Closed
  • Christmas Eve: Closed early (typically between 1 p.m. and 10 p.m.)
  • Christmas Day: Closed
  • New Year’s Eve: Closed early (typically between 1 p.m. and 10 p.m.)

Please note that these are just general guidelines and your local club’s hours may vary. It is always best to call ahead or check the club’s website to confirm their hours before you go.

Planet Fitness understands the challenge of finding this balance, offering flexible hours even during the holiday season to ensure your fitness regime stays on track.

This blog post, titled “Planet Fitness Holiday Hours: Keeping Up with Your Fitness Regime During the Festive Season,” aims to provide an overview of Planet Fitness’s holiday hours and highlight the importance of staying consistent with your fitness routine.

Remember, the holiday season is not a reason to abandon your fitness goals – with Planet Fitness, you can have your cake and stay fit too!

Understanding Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness, often referred to as “The Judgement Free Zone,” is an American fitness franchise that aims to provide a comfortable, non-intimidating environment where anyone, regardless of their fitness level, can enjoy a workout.

Their mission revolves around enhancing people’s lives by providing an affordable and high-quality fitness experience in a welcoming atmosphere.

Planet Fitness stands out with its wide range of services, from unlimited access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment, and free fitness training included in every membership, to numerous group classes catering to various fitness levels.

The brand strives to create a community for its members, where everyone feels accepted and respected, aligning perfectly with their ethos of being a fitness center for everyone.

The Challenge of Holidays

The holiday season, filled with festive cheer and feasts, often presents a unique challenge to those striving to maintain a fitness routine. It’s easy to succumb to the lure of indulgent holiday foods and, coupled with the colder weather and cozy indoor gatherings, we may find our physical activity levels dwindling.

These common pitfalls can significantly impact our fitness goals. Sneaking in an extra cookie here, skipping a workout there – it all adds up, potentially leading to weight gain and a disruption in our fitness routine that can be challenging to rectify even after the holidays are over.

Therefore, it’s essential to approach the holiday season with a balanced perspective, cherishing the celebrations while ensuring our well-being stays on the agenda.

Planet Fitness Holiday Hours

Planet Fitness is committed to ensuring that its members can continue their fitness journey uninterrupted, even during the festive season.

Hence, the Planet Fitness Holiday Hours are designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate the various commitments and schedules that arise during this time.

Most branches operate on extended hours, often opening as early as 5 am and closing late into the night, providing ample opportunity for members to squeeze in a workout amidst the holiday hustle and bustle.

Additionally, specific holidays may see special schedules. For instance, New Year’s Eve might have shorter hours to allow everyone to ring in the new year, while New Year’s Day often sees extended hours to kickstart the year with a great workout.

The current Planet Fitness holiday hours for Today:

  • 1st, 01-Jan, 2023New Year’s DaySunday07(am) to 07(pm)
  • 6th, 01-Jan, 2023EpiphanyFriday12(am) to 09(pm)
  • 16th, 01-Jan, 2023Martin Luther King DayMonday05(am) to 12(pm)
  • 14th, 02-Feb, 2023Valentine’s DayTuesday24 hours
  • 20th, 02-Feb, 2023Presidents’ DayMonday05(am) to 12(pm)
  • 17th, 03-Mar, 2023St. Patrick’s DayFriday12(am) to 09(pm)
  • 7th, 04-Apr, 2023Good FridayFriday12(am) to 09(pm)
  • 9th, 04-Apr, 2023EasterSunday07(am) to 07(pm)
  • 10th, 04-Apr, 2023Day After EasterMonday05(am) to 12(pm)
  • 14th, 05-May, 2023Mother’s DaySunday07(am) to 07(pm)
  • 29th, 05-May, 2023Memorial DayMonday05(am) to 12(pm)
  • 14th, 06-Jun, 2023Flag DayWednesday24 hours
  • 18th, 06-Jun, 2023Father’s DaySunday12(am) to 09(pm)
  • 19th, 06-Jun, 2023Juneteenth DayMonday05(am) to 12(pm)
  • 4th, 07-July, 2023Independence DayTuesday24 hours
  • 4th, 09-Sep, 2023Labor DayMonday05(am) to 12(pm)
  • 17th, 09-Sep, 2023Constitution DaySunday12(am) to 09(pm)
  • 11th, 09-Sep, 2023Patriot DayMonday05(am) to 12(pm)
  • 9th, 10-Oct, 2023Columbus DayMonday05(am) to 12(pm)
  • 9th, 10-Oct, 2023Indigenous Peoples’ DayMonday05(am) to 12(pm)
  • 31st, 10-Oct, 2023HalloweenTuesday24 hours
  • 11th, 11-Nov, 2023Veterans DaySaturday07(am) to 07(pm)
  • 22nd, 11-Nov, 2023Thanksgiving EveWednesday24 hours
  • 23rd, 11-Nov, 2023Thanksgiving DayThursday24 hours
  • 24th, 11-Nov, 2023Black FridayFriday12(am) to 09(pm)
  • 7th, 12-Dec, 2023Pearl Harbor RemembranceThursday24 hours
  • 24th, 12-Dec, 2023Christmas EveSunday07(am) to 07(pm)
  • 25th, 12-Dec, 2023Christmas DayMonday05(am) to 12(pm)
  • 26th, 12-Dec, 2023Boxing DayTuesday24 hours
  • 31st, 12-Dec, 2023New Year’s EveSunday12(am) to 09(pm)
  • 1st, 01-Jan, 2024New Year’s DayMonday05(am) to 12(pm)

Remember to check with your local branch for precise details, as Planet Fitness Holiday Hours may vary based on location.

Making the Most of Planet Fitness Holiday Hours

Making the most of Planet Fitness Holiday Hours requires a bit of organization, but it’s indeed doable and worth it. Start by incorporating fitness into your holiday schedule – treat it as an appointment that cannot be missed.

This could mean hitting the gym early in the morning before the holiday activities begin or late at night when the celebrations wind down. You might also consider squeezing in a quick workout in between holiday errands and downloading the Planet Fitness app.

As for the types of workouts to try during this period, the possibilities are endless at Planet Fitness. You could take advantage of their group fitness classes, which often feature holiday-themed workouts for added festive fun.

Alternatively, try a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session, which is a time-efficient way to burn calories and stay fit amidst the busy holiday season.

Remember, with Planet Fitness Holiday Hours, you can maintain your fitness routine without compromising on the holiday cheer.


In conclusion, maintaining our fitness during the holiday season, though challenging, is of paramount importance to our overall well-being. It’s a delicate balance between enjoying the festive cheer and indulgence while ensuring our health and fitness aren’t compromised.

Planet Fitness’s flexible holiday hours are a testament to their commitment to support your fitness journey, even during the festive season.

So, don’t let the holidays deter you from your fitness goals. Take full advantage of Planet Fitness’s extended hours, incorporate workouts into your holiday schedule, and stride into the new year in the best shape of your life.

Remember, at Planet Fitness, the holiday season and fitness aren’t mutually exclusive – they’re a perfect match!

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