Planning a Family Vacation to London England

Are you an American searching for the perfect family vacation destination? If you are, you may be looking local. As great as the United States is, why not think internationally? In fact, did you know that London, England is a great destination for a family trip? It is.

If you are interested in traveling to London with your family, there is one step you must first take. That step involves acquiring passports for all members of your family. Americans need visas to travel overseas. There is nothing worse than planning a trip only to realize later that you can’t go. So order your passports the moment you decide to travel abroad. They can take up to two months to arrive at your doorstep.

5 Things To Do In London England

Once your family has valid passports or at least ordered them, you can start to plan your London family vacation. The next step involves your airline reservations. Due to its location overseas, a trip to London can be long, especially for small children. You may find the best luck with an overnight flight. This allows you and your family to catch some much-needed rest. Most importantly, your children are easy to occupy when they are sleeping!

In keeping with your airline reservations, consider your departure location. If you are departing from the East Coast, a direct flight should be available. If departing from the Midwest or the West Coast, look for flights with few and short layovers. The less time your children have to spend waiting in an airport, the more pleasurable your trip will be.

5 Top Rated Hotels in London England

In addition to your airline reservations, you will need to reserve a place to stay. London hotels are known for their beautiful works of architecture. Some appear as if they are a castle. While your children may find this interesting, it is important to examine hotel and room amenities. Even if your family intends to spend most of your time outdoors, a quality hotel is important. Hotels with family rooms, game rooms, and swimming pools are popular among children, possibly just like yours.

Aside from making your needed travel arrangements, the next most important part of planning a family vacation is fun. The last thing you want is to have children who are bored and complaining about the whole trip. For that reason, choose your activities and attractions wisely. When doing so, the internet is a valuable research tool.

London England: A Great Destination for Honeymoons

There is so much for your family to do and see in London. The good news is that many landmarks combine fun and education into one. For example, at the Tower of London, your children can view the crown jewels that are guarded by armed men, watch short skits, and take part in interactive displays. In this area, you are advised against judging a book by its cover, as you never know what awaits you inside.

Must-Visit London Hidden Treasures

In the days leading up to your family’s vacation to London, England, you should start packing for the trip. Check the weather forecast first to ensure you pack properly. Bring along all important documents, including passports, other forms of identification, and all health insurance documents.

Aside from packing for your trip to London, you also need to pack for the plane. Parents are encouraged to fill their carry-on bags with fun activities for the plane ride. Portable DVD players and music players with headphones are hits for teenagers. Books, magazines, and small toys can work to keep your children occupied as well. Remember, if possible, book an overnight flight, as you will find it much easier.

Must Visit Attractions for Families Visiting London

And, the final stage of planning an overseas family trip to London is that of having fun. This tip is for you, not your children. It is not uncommon for parents to spend so much time pleasing their children that they forget to enjoy themselves. In London, this shouldn’t be a problem, as many attractions are ideal for individuals of all ages. So, enjoy yourself!

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