Plastic Surgery: Techniques And Benefits You Need To Be Aware Of

Over the years, Plastic Surgery has made a tremendous evolution that has provided people with quality health care. Whether it is the change in medical treatment or finding new equipment for better diagnosis and treatment, every growth in the medical industry has given a new shape to the sector.

There was a time when people would have to suffer injuries and bear their scars forever. Physical appearance indeed plays a vital role in one’s confidence. Hence, with its evolution, the medical field found a reliable solution to it,i.e., plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is a surgical method wherein the defective or deformed body part is reconstructed, altered, or modified to make it look appealing and functional. From invasive skin grafting surgical techniques to radical cosmetic surgery, the efficiency of this surgical method has evolved over the generations.

Plastic Surgery: An Overview

Derived from the Greek word plastic, which means to mold or give shape to something, plastic surgery came into existence back in the 8th century. Sushruta was a physician in the 8th century ancient India, and his medical transcript, “Sushruta Samhita” clearly mentions the use of plastic surgery to reconstruct the affected area.

He used the skin grafting method to alter the defective area. His book laid the foundation stone for the evolution of this surgical method, which is used to date.

Today’s skin grafting method is the evolved version of Sushrata’s technique. In the late 18th century, surgeons came to know about this effective method and started adopting it. In no time, skin grafting was a revolutionary surgical method to keep pace with the patient’s changing needs. If you see the timeline of plastic surgery over the generations, you will witness how transformed today’s surgical method is and how far it has come.

Today, people prefer cosmetic surgeries in large numbers due to their success rate, non-invasive techniques, and aesthetic appeal it provides. So, it is essential to understand its prominence in the medical industry and seek services whenever required.

Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures

When it comes to talking about the types of plastic surgery procedures, there are two types, which are further divided into sub-specialties according to the case. The common plastic surgery procedures are – reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

As the name suggests, reconstructive surgery is all about reconstructing the issued or defective body part through surgical techniques. Whereas, cosmetic surgery is meant to alter the appearance and make a particular body area more appealing.

Both surgical procedures are currently popular for their distinctive needs. Reconstructive techniques are majorly used for burn injuries and cosmetic surgeries to enhance beauty and alter skin issues. If you have been thinking about plastic surgery, it is important to understand its various types and ascertain which would be best suited for your condition. Consult a plastic surgeon before opting for the operation to get a better idea regarding the entire process.

Techniques of Plastic Surgery

The field of plastic surgery has made tremendous transformations over the years that have developed different plastic surgery techniques and types of surgical procedures that can be used in different situations. After learning about most plastic surgery techniques and types, it is vital to ascertain the critical surgical techniques that are used by plastic surgeons to get the best results.

Take a look at the popular plastic surgical techniques used in plastic surgery:

Endoscopic Surgery

First up on the list is the endoscopic method, as the name suggests, it is performed with the help of a device called an endoscope. It is a tube-like stick that has a camera with light at its front end. The endoscope is inserted into the affected body part through a small incision.

The camera takes the images and sends them back to the monitor, controlled by the surgeon, to get a close look into the affected area. This particular method comes in handy while performing reconstructive surgery on an internal organ. An endoscopy helps the surgeon understand the condition of the tissue and ascertain whether it is safe to operate.

Endoscopic Plastic Surgery

Flap Surgery

The flap method is by far the most ancient and evolved version of plastic surgery that you will get to know. It is a method of transporting healthy tissue from a healthy to the affected area. The affected area can be skin, fat, muscles, or the skeletal system. According to the defect’s location, flap surgery can be further categorized into different sections. Let’s learn how:

  • Local Flap: It is performed right next to the world. The adjacent skin helps in keeping the blood flow intact during the surgery.
  • Regional Flap: It utilizes a tissue section that is attached to the blood vessel of the affected area.
  • Soft/Bone Tissue Flap: As the name suggests, it is performed when the underlying skin or bone gets transported to a different location.
  • Musculocutaneous Flap: This is performed when the affected area is engulfed with blood, and it is difficult to make an incision. This type of surgery is used in rebuilding the breast area after a mastectomy.
  • Microvascular Free Flap: It is done by attaching or detaching the blood vessels and skin from one location to the other on the body. This type of flap surgery uses microsurgery when dealing with blood vessels.

Laser Technology

laser plastic surgery techniques

It is one of the greatest evolution in the plastic surgery field that has made these surgical methods more non-invasive for the patient. Laser technology is ideal for minimal casualties, bleeding, scarring, and bruising, which generally happen in plastic surgery.

Different types of laser plastic surgery techniques are used according to the different locations on the body. It is essential to consult your surgeon and determine if laser surgery is suitable for your condition and how effective it would be.

Skin Grafts

It is one of those surgical techniques that brought a revolution in the plastic surgery field. Sushruta, an Indian physician, first used it. Skin grafts are used to cover defective or missing body parts. This technique initially removes the healthy skin tissue from any body part to attach and restore the function and appearance of another portion.

It is one of the most effective plastic surgery techniques that is used today. The removed skin portion is called the donor site, and the portion to which it is attached is known as the receiver site. Skin grafts are further divided into three types according to the location and size of the skin needed.

  • Split Thickness Skin Graft: This type of graft is used to treat burn wounds and only uses the skin layer, which is closest to the affected area. The donor site is decided according to the pigmentation, size, and type of skin required for the surgery.
  • Full Thickness Skin Graft: It is used for deep and large scars and wounds. Full thickness is ideally used to provide maximum skin elasticity to the affected area. It utilizes all the layers from the donor site to offer maximum strength.
  • Composite Skin Graft: This type of skin graft is preferred to provide underlying support to the repaired skin. It uses the layers of fat, skin, and often the cartilage as well from the donor site.

Tissue Expansion

It is a less popular type of surgical method where a balloon-like device is inserted under the skin. The expander attached to the device secretes a liquid into the affected area that helps in stretching and expanding the skin. It is used to facilitate the function of glowing skin in the affected or damaged area.

What Can Plastic Surgery Give To Your Life?

Life is unpredictable and cruel sometimes; you never know what might happen to you and how it would affect your life thereafter. Indeed, physical appearance makes a great deal to everyone, and plastic surgery provides a way to improve your appearance when it is injured or affected.

Improving physical appearance is the primary benefit of this surgical method, but it also helps in maintaining the basic functionality of that particular area. If you have been thinking about getting plastic surgery, here are a few benefits that you can expect from this surgical practice.

Improved Self Confidence

Plastic Surgery Improves Self Confidence

Your physical appearance indeed contributes to building your self-confidence. When you look good, you feel good. When your skin is affected due to injuries or accidents and disrupts your appearance, plastic surgery can improve your aesthetic appeal.

For instance, burn wounds would severely distort your appearance, making it challenging to present yourself in social situations. All this discomfort can be improved with surgery that will offer you added self-confidence. Your physical appearance should never bother your confidence; if you think it does, then you should get plastic surgery to make things better.

Better Physical Health

Apart from physical appearance, some plastic surgeries can help improve your physical health as well. For instance, nose surgery or rhinoplasty not only provides a better shape to your nose but also helps in improving your breathing function. Breast reduction contours your body, providing you with the ideal upper body shape you need, and breast implantation does the same to your body.

Some surgeries can help relieve the physical stress and discomfort from the joints and skin. You need to consult your surgeon before opting for an operation that will affect your physical health. If you can improve your physical ailment with surgery, then why not opt for it at the earliest?

Contributes to Good Mental Health

Your physical and mental well-being are indeed interconnected, which means that when you are suffering from a physical ailment, it will affect you mentally and vice versa. There are instances when patients experience reduced stress and anxiety after the surgery.

The lack of self-confidence due to skin appearance often leads to severe mental issues like social anxiety, depression, chronic stress, etc. Proper surgery that addresses the core issue can help in establishing balanced mental health.

You can get better control over your health and take up new challenges when you have a stable mental state. Don’t let your appearance play with your mental stability, just consult a good surgeon who can help you with your issues and suggest the best type of surgery you need.

Exposure To Opportunities

As distressing as it may sound, physical appearance often becomes a hindrance in both personal and professional. So far, we have talked about personal growth in the form of enhanced self-confidence, now we need to stress the benefits of plastic surgery in your professional growth.

Studies have proven that for years, professionals with an attractive physical appeal are more likely to bag opportunities than those who are a little inferior on the matter. Other studies have highlighted that people with better looks bag attractive salary packages, incentives, and early promotions.

It is the harsh reality of today’s corporate world that we cannot ignore. If your physical appearance is becoming an obstacle to your career growth, think about plastic surgery which can eventually open up avenues for your professional growth.

Better Diet Follow Up

After contouring surgeries like a tummy tuck or liposuction, it becomes much easier to maintain a healthy weight, as you are asked to follow a particular diet after the surgery.

Also, the positive outcome of the operation will only motivate you further to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a view not to go back to the earlier stage. Indeed, a healthy weight will contribute to your healthy lifestyle, so plastic surgery can work in contributing to our lives.

It helps maintain a healthy weight and steer you clear of the possible diseases that can be caused due to the overweight or underweight issue.

Plastic surgery has successfully contributed to bettering the lives of millions over the years. The different plastic surgery techniques and forms of surgery address the specific affected areas. Whether it is enhanced confidence or a better lifestyle, plastic surgery can help you in multiple ways. All you need to do is make yourself aware of it thoroughly to relish its benefits.

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