Points on the Average Cost of Kratom

Kratom has become a common commodity globally. While buying this product, you must know the average price and estimate the amount of money you will spend. There are those kratom vendors that are expensive, and others are cheap. However, the price highly depends on the quality of the Kratom that you will receive. Note that the costs vary from one kratom seller to the other. You can read this post here for top-rated kratom vendors with exciting prices. Also, the prices for ordering online might not be the same as purchasing it from your local vendor.

When you consider buying this product, remember to look carefully at the options available; weigh the prices of those selling and the value of the Kratom.

Cost of Kratom Online Pricing

There are many credible vendors online who provide an average cost of Kratom. They have ranged prices according to strains, amounts, and quality. Most of them provide instructions and outstanding customer service, making sure that you are satisfied with the cost of the commodity. For instance, the typical cost of Kratom powders online is $69.34 for a 500-gram bag. Also, 2 ounces of Kratom capsules from different sites have an average cost of $35.75. Prices from various online sellers include:

Purkratom Average Cost

On this site, there is a variety of Kratom capsules and powders that you can buy. It is a website that sells at different prices depending on the strain that you want. They have Borneo, Malay, Bali, Thai, and Maeng Da originating from many parts of the world. Additionally, their pricing ranges from 12.99$ to 16.99$ per ounce of the Kratom powder. Also, based on the strain you want, 50 capsules cost from 10.99$ to 20.99$. In terms of Kilograms, Purkratom sells Kratom powder for 189$ on regular days.

The Golden Monk or TGM Prices

A Nevada based company which is well known for supplying Kratom products in bulk. Also, they offer a multitude of Kratom strains in the form of capsules and powder at different prices. Their costs are standard since they always test commodities to match the merits of the Kratom products. They sell to both wholesalers and retail customers. Notably, the price won’t increase after ordering since they have free shipping worth $50 if your package is worth 49$ or more. TGM sells one kilogram of Kratom powder at the cost of 89$, and if you don’t want to buy in kilos, they pack it in 250g and 500g packets.

Kay Botanicals Average Costs

Most customers use this online site to purchase natural products of Kratom at a fair price with outstanding quality. They have different types of options that are suitable for the community. Also, they have extracts such as Dark Borneo, Red Crystal, and Platinum Kay kratom, which are available at the cost of 18$ to 21.50$. Kay Botanicals sells their Kratom powder in grams or ounces whereas a 250-gram bag cost range is $25 to $30.99. Remember that they give out samples for testing if you are a new customer, and discounts reduce the selling price.

Average Costs of Kratom from local stores

Depending on the place you live, you will be in a position to buy kratom from the local shops. Besides getting to know the location of the stores, you might want to gather information on the prices of the products. Prices vary from one local shop to the other, considering the type of strains, amount, and value. Compared to the costs of Kratom online of $11.73 for 28 grams, most physical selling points sell for $50 for 30 grams. Therefore, the average price of kratom, according to experts’ research, is $200 to $300 for a 500 grams packet. Also, two ounces of capsules are sold for $100.


Choosing the place to buy Kratom is not an easy process, especially when pricing is considered. Therefore, you must know the average cost of kratom from leading online and offline stores before deciding to place an order. Note that you should check on the customers’ reviews to see if the prices they are offering are standardized.

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