Polo Shirts – Everything You Need to Know

The classic unisex polo T-shirts for men and women are the most loved choice when it comes to formal, casual, or active wear. These shirts have an excellent way of bridging the gap between fashion and comfort. Polo shirts give the essence of a T-shirt and a formal dress shirt. The sophisticated colors, buttons, and collar are plain and simple yet elegant. These factors make them apparel to wear on any occasion.

What are Polo Shirts Made Of?

Polo shirts are made of knitted cloth rather than a woven cloth. Pique weave structures on polo shirts come in various patterns including cord, waffle, honeycomb, and eyes of the bird. These shirts are weaved in a way that they are comfortable to wear in all seasons and environments.

Ways to Wear Polo Shirt with Style

Here are some amazing combinations of polo shirts for men and women to improve your style game:

Wear polo shirts with jeans

Do you know how to use polo shirts with jeans? Well, denim and polo shirts are most likable and appealing in look. Polo shirts enhance the personality of an individual and play a vital role in your dressing vibe. Wear any jeans at the bottom and slay your look with a polo shirt combination.

Wear polo shirts with jacket

Are you fond of wearing bomber jackets? Wear a polo shirt under a bomber jacket with any denim jeans to complete the casual look. If you want to wear a denim jacket and denim bottom, the white polo shirt is the best choice for that dressing sense. Having multiple polo shirts in your wardrobe would never disappoint you!

Wear polo shirts for workplace

Every workplace requires presentable workers to maintain the vibe of the workplace. Polo shirts will go best for every kind of workplace. Valuing and considering the business attire, wear sophisticated solid polo shirts with dress pants/ jeans. For the sake of the next level of formality, swap a cotton polo to give a retro-styled look.

Where to Wear Them?

Polo shirts are the true men and female style staple. If you can’t decide what to wear, polo shirts are always a good option. As such, there is no limitation of not wearing it at any place. Polo shirts are the hybrid of shirts that somewhere falls between casual and formal shirts. In order to formalize the polo, you can wear it with a full suit.

No matter if you are doing it for an interview or for a date, polo shirts are the best option for attire. 

How Much They Cost?

The cost of a polo shirt varies according to the details of the shirt. For example, Embroidered Polo Shirts in Australia will cost you less than the plain solid Polo shirt in Australia. Cost varies according to the location as well, customers will find a lot of price difference from one country to another due to the taxation charges.

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