Pop Music and Consumerism

Pop music has a different meaning for every person. Similar to vulkanbet 50 free spins, or what we refer to as 50 free spins with no deposit in the gambling world, it has a different value to each person. Some people prefer old pop music which really describes their human beings, their lifestyle, and culture. Whereas others prefer the newly invented pop music which is affected by consumerism. 

To break this down, let’s first understand what consumerism is and how it affects the audience in relation to music and arts in general.


Living in a capitalist society, consumption increased. When we say consumption, we mean consumption in everything including food products, convenient products, and even luxury products. People are consuming more and advertisers are urging people to consume more. 

Also, because of globalization and the open world we are living in, consumerism is prevalent in all countries. When we see different products or services from other societies, we gain that feeling of wanting to acquire this thing or live this experience just like the others. This is consumerism. 

So, how does consumerism relate to pop music? 

Well, consumerism causes a decline in creativity. We became consumers rather than producers, and the whole world became like that. Consumerism causes people to think more of what they want to buy instead of thinking of creating art for the sake of art. 

Now, we know there is still produced art including music, movies, songs, and all kinds of art. But think of it that way, how many artists produce art for the sake of art? In other words, how many artists think of art as a way of expressing thoughts and culture instead of a way to gain money? This is one of the effects of consumerism. 

Pop music 

The term pop music is short for popular music. This is the original production of a certain society. This usually emerges from the culture and ideas of this particular society at that particular time. Pop music can reflect on the political and economic situations as well. 

Nowadays, pop music is not created within a context that initiates the taste of this music. There is no reflection or projection on important topics such as freedom, poverty, climate change, or whatever other issues that concern the world or a particular society. 

Even more, pop music became just an imitation of each other. To make it clearer, just observe the differences between the old pop music of any country and the pop music of today’s world. You will discover how old pop music was very expressive of society. Whereas today, pop music is all a result of a globalized world with too much homogeneity. 

Even more, if you care about the music-making process, you will struggle with today’s pop music affected by consumerism. There is no history behind it, no context within, and no stories to tell. To cut a long story short, most of today’s music is created for a consumer, not a listener. 

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