Popular Types Of Kinks That Might Interest You

Kinks and fetishes are considered taboo even if in most recent years they are becoming more and more mainstream. People search the internet in secret trying to find a perfect kink for them and their partner.

Even though they can be various, the most important rules of kinks are consent and communication with your partner. In case you do not want to go deep into the dark corners of the internet in search of these exciting “games” that you and your significant other can explore, this article can help and tell you about a few kinks that might be thrilling to try out.



Even though it is not considered kink as much it is a fetish, it is on a thin line of being one. It is about feet for some people. Those who enjoy these activities are aroused by feet. The kink can range from just seeing them to engaging with them.

Caressing, kissing your partner’s feet, or even massaging them can be your partner’s biggest desires. There is no harm in trying it out. If it is not for you, at least you will bring pleasure and satisfaction to your lover, while you will in return receive a good rub after a hard-working day. 



When a couple decides to explore the kink of having one of them sleeping with a third person while the remaining party is being “humiliated” about the fact that his or her spouse is sleeping with someone else, is called cuckolding.

Usually, the partner should be present throughout the whole act because even the thought of such a scenario can bring them a great amount of pleasure, let alone watching it from the side. People that are married, no matter the gender can participate in these activities, even though they may be afraid of potential heartache. But as the experts would confirm on “Sometimes the risk of not doing something is higher than the risk of doing it”. If you are aroused by the idea that your partner is sleeping with others, talk to them, and explore this kink together. Make sure that you both agree with this idea. You can test out these waters and are they for you by having virtual sex or dirty talk with a selected person. If you would then like to evolve further, go right ahead. 


Impact And Sensation Play

Sex revolves around physical sensations. There is nothing like the touch of your lover’s skin, the intimacy of kissing, and the warmth of another body pressed up against you. For some, that is only half of the enjoyment.

This kink has a focus on sensation play that can be more intense, sometimes even a bit painful. Usually, it includes spanking or smacking. Sometimes, depending on what level of pain someone is comfortable with, it can involve pinching nipples or something like simply being tickled. As such, some people find pleasure and sensation when these things are done.


Doing It Publicly

It is true that most sex activities are done in private. However, when the heat of the moment overwhelms, it can also happen in a public location like a car seat, theater, or even in nature. Some people consider sex to be more fun when done in places where they can be seen and “caught”.

Even though this particular kink may not be on the top of the list for the majority of people, if you ever have taken nudes of yourself or made “private” video footage, you might understand the basic urge that drives this want.

Regardless of what someone’s kink is, it is important to remember that consent is a must. Once that is taken care of, there is nothing healthier than expressing your sexual desires. As long as all parties involved agree with the proposition no harm is done. At the end of the day, everyone deserves this exploration, and there is no shame in that.

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