Practical Design Tips for a Small Bachelor Apartment

We all have an idea about what a bachelor apartment looks like. Most of us think of leather sofas, lounge chairs, huge entertainment centers, and a fully stocked bar. While this may be a well-founded stereotype, it should be noted that the trend has changed slightly over the years. More and more men living alone are paying attention to what their home looks like and try to add a cool twist to the traditional masculine style. While the focus remains on practicality, the aesthetic elements should not be forgotten. Here are some tips that can help you create a stylish and functional unit if you’re living alone.

Small Bachelor Apartment


Bed enclosure

Not many small bachelor apartments have a separate bedroom, which is why it’s often difficult to hide the bed from the rest of the apartment. Your options include fitting the bed into a big enough closet, draping curtains around the bed or finding some other way to set your bed apart from the rest of the room. This is important since it makes the whole apartment feel less cramped.



Vertical space

With very little floor space, your only option is to use your walls and ceiling as much as possible. Walls can support hooks or pegs you can use to hand functional items on, while your ceiling can be used to hang things like pot racks or storage netting to gain more storage space (since you need it desperately). Also, if you have a bike or scooter, this is probably the only place where you can store them.

Vertical space



Your apartment should feature a minibar or at least a stylish bar cart, depending on the space available. That way you can always have everything you need at hand for cocktails and you only need to order gin online and invite friends over. Right now, the most popular are vintage bar carts that you can find in almost every store, though it might be even better to go to a garage sale and look for such an item and have it restored. It simply oozes character.



Let there be light

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize the problems that dark colors create in a small and confined space. That’s why you need to make your apartment bright. Make sure your windows are always clean and that nothing obstructs natural light. Use bright, eco-friendly paints and choose furniture items that are not dark. If necessary, add light where it’s needed.

Let there be light


See-through items

One of the tricks interior designers use in small places is to include see-through furniture items. If your furniture is made with clear materials, it provides the function you desire without the visual bulk, which is always important when it comes to a confined space.


Raise your bed

Even a very small bed occupies a lot of precious floor space. So, you have to think outside the box and use that floor space better. Raise your bed to get extra storage space. The easiest way is to add risers, which should give you a few more inches. Alternatively, you can build a loft area (if you have your landlord’s permission) and create usable space under the bed.



Another trick to make your apartment more spacious is to make natural light bounce around. This is done by installing mirrors. You can also opt for mirrored furniture, which reflects light and makes the room airier.


Multi-purpose items

If you can get hold of any items that can be used for different purposes, you should really consider including them in your apartment. Your dining table can be used as a desk if you need to work from home, but why not consider having a wall-mounted pull-out desk with storage instead? Or how about a foldable divider screen with removable storage shelves? Any items that can serve more than one purpose is great for a small space.


As you can see, even the smallest bachelor apartment can be tastefully decorated and stylish. It’s only up to you to find the best way to make the most of what you have, which is why you should follow these tips.

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